ChongQing KangHua S & T Co., Ltd was established in1996. In 2009, renamed ChongQing KangHua RuiMing S&T Co.,Ltd So far it is the leader of R&D and manufacturing ophthalmic instruments in China, it has about 350 staff team and has an area of 30 acres.
Our company has passed ISO9001:2000 and ISO13485:2003 quality management system and CE certificates, Fundus camera and projection perimeter we got FDA certifications. so far our company has more than thousands of professional physicians users, our company has not only the Optical, mechanical, electronics, fine craftsmanship, as well as microelectronics, polymer, laser, ultrasound and other high-tech [email protected] capabilities, but also the full implementation of CAD, CAM, CAPP, PDM digital design and digital manufacturing NC Digital Management and ERP.
After more than ten years of development, our company has achieved excellent results in all aspects, having slit lamp, digital slit lamp,portable slit lamp, projection perimeter, ultrasound A scan, ultrasound AB scan, fundus camera and funduas camera & FFA, and a large number of models for each product to meet the requirements of the different customers. Most important, our company has implanted modern quality management system, strictly control and manages from production, testing, to delivery, in order to ensure that the products achieve the best performance. We wish to be known in the whole world.
Our Goal: Specialization, internationalization, high-tech, good quality and performance, famous brand, people oriented and our customers value.
We focus on the R&D and manufacturing of ophthalmic instruments, our persistence in technology, strict requirements on the production process, close integration with clinical applications, and the pursuit of new product development, allowing us to continuously broaden our horizons and promote our continuous development More practical and complete professional tools.
Networked sales channels and complete after-sales service system ensure that our products are sold to more than 60 countries/regions around the world. Today, we have become a famous professional ophthalmology equipment manufacturer in China.
The dry eye comprehensive analyzer was successfully developed and a more comprehensive ocular surface inspection system was born.
The fully automatic fundus imaging system was successfully developed, and the product made a solid step towards intelligentization.
Undertake national-level scientific research projects, product design, manufacturing, and quality assurance capabilities have been recognized by the country.
The second phase of the company鈥檚 construction was completed, laying a solid foundation for product quality improvement.
Restructured into Chongqing Kanghua Ruiming Technology Co., Ltd., and started another take-off in the company's development.
The first company in China to launch a projection perimeter, achieving synchronization with the world.
The first in China to realize automatic focusing of fundus photography.
A modern base covering an area of more than 30 acres and a R&D and production site of 20,000 m2 was built, and the company has moved towards professional and large-scale development.
Established Chongqing Kanghua Ruiming Technology Co., Ltd.
China's first full implementation of the quality certification system; passed the EU CE certification, Kanghua goes global.
The first in China to launch non-mydriatic fundus photography, subdividing the functions of ophthalmology physical examination and internal diabetic fundus examination.
The first in China to launch a workstation-based ophthalmic ultrasound examination system.
China's first digital fundus fluoroscopy tester was launched, saying goodbye to the era of fundus film.
The world鈥檚 first digital slit lamp to realize the imaging, digitization and networking of slit lamp inspection.
Established Chongqing Kanghua Technology Co., Ltd. to fully enter the ophthalmology world.
The first in China to realize the electrophysiology of VEP.ERG.EOG.
The first in China to launch a dotted computer perimeter.
Established Chongqing Kanghua Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.High quality Digital Retina Imaging Machine