Product Introduction
316 and 316L stainless steel 316 and 317 stainless steel (see the properties of 317 stainless steel below) are molybdenum containing stainless steel. The molybdenum content in 317 stainless steel is slightly superior to 316 stainless steel. Due to the molybdenum in the steel, the total performance of the steel is better than 310 and 304 stainless steel. Under high temperature conditions, 316 stainless steel has a wide range of USES when the sulfuric acid concentration is lower than 15% and higher than 85%. 316 stainless steel also has good chloride erosion properties, so it is commonly used in the Marine environment.
Product Details
Grade:300 Series
Standard:AISI , ASTM, DIN, EN, GB, JIS
Place of Origin:WUXI China
Model Number: 316
Type: Coil
Application: chemical equipment
Product name:316L Stainless Steel Sheet Coil
Technique: Cold Rolled Hot Rolled
Surface: BA/2B/NO.1/NO.3/NO.4/8K/HL/2D/1D
Material:200 Series/300 Series/400series
Edge: Mill Edge Slit Edge
Surface finish:2B/BA/HL/NO.4/8K/Embossed/Gold/Rose Gold/Black Gold
Color: Natural Color
Executive standards
GB/T423T-92銆丟B/T14975-2002 銆丟B/T14976-2002 銆丟B/T13296-91銆丟B/T12770-91銆丟B/T12771-91銆丄STM A213/A213-99銆丄STN312/A312M-00b銆丄STM A269-00銆丄STMA511-96銆丄STM/A240锛孏B/T4237-2007銆丟B/T24511-2009銆丯10665(B-2)銆丯10276(C-276)銆丯06022(C-22)銆丯06455(C-4)鍜孨06985(G-3)銆?/p>
Chemical component
Carbon C: 0.030 or less
Si Si: 1.00 or less
Manganese Mn: 2.00 or less
S: sulfur 0.030 or less
P P: 0.045 or less
Cr: 16.00 ~ 18.00
Mechanical property
Tensile strength B (MPa) : 鈮?80
Conditional yield strength 0.2 (MPa) : 鈮?77
Elongation 5 (%) : 鈮?0
Reduction of area bits (%) : 60 or higher
Hardness: 187 hb or less; 90 HRB or less; 200 hv or less
7.98 g/cm3 density:;
Specific heat capacity ratio (20鈩? : 0.502J/(g*K)
Surface Description
The surface may be highly reflective or dull;It can be smooth, polished or embossed;Can be a color for the color of plating or in stainless steel surface etching pattern, also can be drawing, etc., in order to meet the requirements of the design personnel to the appearance is easy to keep the surface state only occasionally for washing can remove dirt due to good corrosion resistance, and can easily remove the surface ground pollution or other similar surface contamination
Range of application
316stainless steel is commonly used in heat exchangers for pulp and paper equipment, dyeing equipment, film processing equipment, pipes, external materials for buildings in coastal areas, as well as watch chains and cases for high-end watches.Seawater equipment, chemical, dye, paper, oxalic acid, fertilizer and other production equipment;Photography, food industry, coastal facilities, ropes, CD rods, bolts, nuts
Our Service
The perennial stock of the company has reached more than 8000 tons to become one of the largest and most complete domestic spot platform.
As a large manufacturer, we can produce products according to the needs of different customers, which can reduce customers' production cost, improve utilization rate, help customers reduce waste and save cost.
Q1:Where is your factory?
A1:Our processing center is located at no. 21, Huayou Third Road, Wuxi New District, Jiangsu province, China.
Q2:What are the main products of your company?
A2:Our main products are stainless steel plate/sheet, coil pipe, round/square pipe, bar, channel steel and so on.
Q3: What are the main production facilities in your company?
A3:Our company is well equipped with laser cutting machines and ink machines.Mirror polishing machine, etc.
Q4: What are your services?
A4:We can provide a wide range of personalized services according to customer needs.
We have a large number of professional technicians, than other stainless steel companies more competitive prices and the best after-sales service.
Q5.How many countries have you exported?
A5: Mainly exported to more than 50 countries such as USA, Russia, UK, Kuwait, Egypt, Iran, Turkey, Jordan and India.
Q6: What are your terms of payment?
A6:Our terms of payment are Letter of credit, telegraphic transfer, etc.Wholesale Stainless Steel Coil