Product Description
TOGO provides biodegradable waste solutions for a variety of commercial uses, from restaurants to large-scale institutions. Utilizing microbial technology, our biodegradable waste composting machine reduce waste volume by up to 90%, decrease disposal costs, and create a nutrient-rich, reuseable end product.
1. The biodegradable waste composting equipment consists of a stirring system, a fermentation degradation system, a PLC automatic electronic control system, a heating system and a purification and deodorization system.
2. The device provides suitable temperature, humidity, oxygen content and the like for the microbial treatment bacteria, so that the organic waste can be rapidly degraded.
3. The use of crushing and dewatering, oil-water separation, biochemical and other comprehensive treatment technologies, the broken and separated residues and oils are converted into available resources to achieve food waste recycling.
4. The final product is organic fertilizer which could use for growing fruits, vegetables and flowers.
5. This machine has many different models including different capacities from 100kg/day to 5000kg/day. So it could be used at home, restaurant, hotel, school canteen and so on.
Product Specification
ModelSize(L*W*H) mmPower(KW)Features
TG-CC-2001900*1400*17007KWFeed, Ferment
TG-CC-3002300*2300*18009KWFeed, Ferment
TG-CC-5003500*2200*180023KWBreak, Dry, Deoiling and Desalting, Ferment
TG-CC-10004300*2200*240026KWBreak, Dry, Deoiling and Desalting, Ferment
TG-CC-20006400*2350*260040KWBreak, Dry, Deoiling and Desalting, Ferment
TG-CC-2T2700*1450*20009KWBreaking, Dehydration, Oil Removal And Salt Removal
TG-CC-5TCustomizedCustomizedLoading, Breaking, Dehydration, Oil Removal, Salt Removal, Fermentation
TG-CC-10TCustomizedCustomizedLoading, Breaking, Dehydration, Oil Removal, Salt Removal, Fermentation
Product Advantages
1. The biodegradable waste composting machine adopts unique stainless steel + Q235 paint, beautiful appearance, compact structure, small footprint, long service life;
2. Simple operation, fully automated operation, no manual sorting;
3. Less investment, low operating cost, small footprint;
4. No odor emission, no sewage discharge, no secondary pollution, no harm and resource utilization during the operation of the equipment;
5. The machine adopts self-developed full PLC touch intelligent control and online monitoring system, and the operation interface is clear and simple.
Benefit to Customer
* Can claim zero waste facility.
* Cleaner and greener environment.
* Virtually maintenance free.
* No specialized skill labour required for operation.
* No more space required.
Use for (Bio degradable / Organic)
* Fish & Vegetables
* Egg & Crab Shells
* Bakery food
* Chicken & Meat
* Leftover Meal
* Fast food
* Bones
* Garden Waste
Application Field
RestaurantsCanteensOffice BuildingsTheaters
FactoriesShopping mallSchools&CollegesHostels
TemplesHospitalsMarketsGovernment organizations
Our Customers
After Sales Service
All products purchased in our company are guaranteed to keep in good repair for one year. If quality problems happen in guarantee period, our company will maintain for free.
1. Before sending the machine, we will test and adjust, so you can use directly when you get it.
2. Operation video & instruction will be sent to clients, to help them use the machines better.Custom Food Waste Composting Machine