Off-road forklift spacious cabin space operation, good vision, 4 x4 drive, thrust is big, strong, cylinder type hood convenient maintenance and maintenance, after the fork frame type structure, the focus has good stability, high structural strength, superior performance, off-road forklift operation with special effect, full hydraulic steering system, reliable performance and convenient operation.Transmission and torque converter integrated structure, reliable performance, power system selection Weichai engine, reliable performance, high efficiency and fuel saving, full hydraulic steering system, reliable performance, light operation, can be matched with a variety of optional parts, to meet the needs of various working conditions.
5 Ton Rough Terrain Forklift Main Parameters
Engine type: Four cylinder 4102 pressurized
Quality of whole machine (kg): 5700
Rated power (kW/HP):76
Rated speed (r/min):2400
Lifting height (mm):3000-6000
Lifting time of boom (s):7 or less
Driving speed (km/h):40
Hill-climbing ability (degree):30
Turning radius (mm)4500
Tire model锛?670-24
Transmission锛?80 dual high and low speed
Drive form: Four-wheel drive
Length of fork tooth (mm): 1220
Size(L*W*H): 4400*1950*2800mm
5 Ton Rough Terrain Forklift Product Advantages Description:
Cross-country forklift truck is equipped with a gearbox with differential lock for the muddy conditions in the field. When one of the driving wheels falls into the mud and begins to skid, the left and right half axes of the driving axle are connected into a rigid body to realize 100% self-locking and redistribution of the driving wheel torque, so as to climb out of the mud pool.After climbing out of the silt pool, the self-locking function unlocks and realizes normal driving.
Wheel edge deceleration brake bridge.
Side shifter can be installed.
Tilt fork can be added.
Tilt grab can be added.
5 Ton Rough Terrain Forklift Production
5 Ton Rough Terrain Forklift Packing & Shipping: Forklift factory