Physical Data:
Transparent colorless liquid, soluble in water. It's stable to light and heat. Density1.250
Function: As we know, healthy root systems are key to healthy plants. Urea Formaldehyde has longer molecular chain, the nitrogen in the solution is broken down in varying temperatures and soil, just like spoon-feed the plant root. So plant has strong root and grow mild in longer time.
1. Suitable for compound fertilizer formula, it is compatible with many phosphorus, potassium and micronutrients, can provide slow-release nitrogen source for the production of a large amount of water-soluble elements of the liquid. it is also compatible with fungicides and insecticides.
2. Because urea formaldehyde's lower salt index of nitrogen, less than 0.5, only 1/150 of urea, it will not burn the leaves when used as foliar fertilizer.
3. Suitable for field crops, fruits, lawns/ turfs, flowers, greenhouse cultivations.
4. In soil application, the release time is 8-10 weeks; when spray, it can be found in plants within 6-8 hours, and is basically completely absorbed within 24-48 hours.
5. Work excellent when used in drip irrigation & spray.
AppearanceTransparent liquid
Total nitrogen350g/L
Slow release nitrogen206g/L
Amide nitrogen144g/L
Salt index
Packing: 200L/drum, 20ft FCL=16KL
Storage: Keep it in the temperature above -15鈩?/p>
HS Code: 390910000Fertilizer Free Sample