Founded in 1998 years, Ironstone storage Inc. Is a very professional storage equipment manufacturer who offer a full range of service from storage systems design, manufacturing, shipment, to installation etc, which help our customer get the optimum warehouse solution and management. we have our products certified (RMI standard testing) in United States market By professional testing institution and relevant test (AS4084-2012 standard) also done in Australia, Since starting our business we have helped our customers built many successful project cases but We haven’t received any complaints until now, you can trust us on your project quality.
Ironstone team focus on providing high quality racks & shelving and relevant services for our customers, although we are not the biggest storage solution supply company, we are confident to provide best products and services , this is always the target our team are keeping on doing! over last 20 years We have taken a great deal of pride in our rate of 80% + for repeat business!
The Mission of Ironstone storage inc. is to be a customer driven, innovative company providing the best products, solutions, and customer service attainable in the industry today with a commitment to on-going improvement.
Let us built your warehouse storage Racks. We have more than 20 years of experience.
We looking forward to working with you!!
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