Everything You Need To Know;About High Bay Lighting

What is high bay lighting?

High bay lighting is the go-to solution in many workplaces for achieving bright and uniform illumination across

large, high-ceilinged indoor spaces. It’s most often found in warehouses, department stores, manufacturing areas and

sports halls.

But what is LED high bay light exactly, and how

does it differ from other high-intensity lighting solutions?

Rather than any single fixture style, the term ‘high bay lighting’ refers to the positioning of

the luminaires, and as such it covers a broad and flexible range of lamp types and fittings. As a rule of thumb,

MatePro UFO highbay light is usually

the best option for any indoor setting where the floor-to-ceiling height measures 8m (roughly 25’) or taller.

For less lofty spaces, low bays (or even a series of appropriately arranged floodlights) may be enough to get the

job done. But, where indoor work areas span a great deal of vertical and horizontal space, the lighting solution needs to

be both powerful and flexible.

In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the various types of high bay lighting

configurations available, and the sorts of environments they’re best suited to.

What’s the difference between high bay and low bay lighting?

Low bay lighting setups, as the name suggests, are more commonly used where there’s less vertical distance for the

light to cover. In these situations, lower mounting positions will often allow for a shallower lighting angle, making it

easier to illuminate vertical surfaces or to create specific lighting effects in smaller zones.

High bays are most often found in warehouses, gantries, above a large shop or conference floors, at sports

facilities, in expansive factory or workshop environments...anywhere that needs uniform, brilliant illumination to maximise

visibility and light quality over a wide area.

Apart from the different mounting altitudes, another key contrast between high bay and low bay light

setups is that high bays tend to rely on more careful consideration of layout, fittings and components.

T-line linear highbay light

must be chosen and positioned to ensure the light they cast is strong, uniform, and equally effective at hitting

both vertical and horizontal surfaces from a wider angle.

To achieve this, high bay lighting tends to demand the more exacting placement of lamps and reflectors. When

configured properly, high bay setups can achieve superb quality and intensity of light across the entirety of a wide, tall


LED stands for light-emitting diode which is a light conductor that emits white light when a current flows through it.

LED panels are commonly used in video and photography as a directional light source. LED’s are known for their powerful

white light, low energy consumption, and durability.

LED panel lights have become a popular option for creators in

all different industries. Due to their practical and versatile design, there has been a surge in market demand for light

panels. However, not all lights are created equal.

The LED Bulkheads' cool white light is an attractive

alternative to the harsh orange output of SOX lamps. With efficiency comparable to that of fluorescent lighting, the LED

Bulkhead is smaller than other lamps of the same output. Its instant start, with no warming-up period is a significant

advantage for event triggered security lighting. The LED Bulkhead, rated at up to 60W, is the most powerful of a range that

starts from 20W. With supply inputs ranging from 23.5W to 70.6W, this range has an electrical efficiency of 90%. The LEDs

typically yield 100 lumens per watt and the light has a colour temperature of 5000 to 7500 K.

LED Tri-proof Lights are durable and eco-friendly

alternative lighting systems to traditional fluorescent LED tube light

s. LED Tri-proof Lights are designed to withstand severe environments and will help you reduce your energy

consumption by up to 80%.

LED Tri-proof Lights are specifically built to withstand conditions susceptible to water, dust and corrosion

impacts. Our Lighting tri-proof Lights are Incredibly durable and long lasting, they are highly resistant to

heavy impacts.