For blister processing to be oriented, you must use a mold-blister mold. Blister mold refers to the mold used in the production of blister. The lowest cost is the plaster mold, the second is the electroplated copper mold, and the most expensive is aluminum. mold.
Generally, we will drill small holes in the mold for vacuum adsorption and heating of hard film to form blister products. The technology of blister making process applies the principle of air pressure. It is a practical production technology for the production of various product packaging, floor tile molds and process molds using blister equipment. This technology has a wide range of uses, fast production, small investment and effective results. Fast and efficient.
Parameter of Blister Mold
ItemsInjection plastic mold
Parts materialsPC, ABS, PP
(also other material like PP, PBT, BMC, PMMA, PC+ABS, PP+TD20%, PU, PE, PVC)
Mold base steelNAK80, S136, SKD61,45, S55C, P20, 1730, 2738, 718h, H13, BPMHH, 2343ESR
Core and cavity steelNAK80, S136, SKD61, P20,1730hh, 2738hh, 718h, H13, BPMHH, 2343hh
Injection systemEdge gate, side gate, sub gate, direct gate, pin point gate, valve gate
Mould standardDME, LKM, HASCO
Cavity numbersSingle or multi (customized up to 32C AV)
RunnerHot or cold
Injection machine50-2800T
Cycle time10-120 seconds
Mold of steel suppliersFinkl, Assab, Daidao, LKM, Buderus
Hot runners suppliersSynventive, Yudo, Incoe, Hasco, DME, Moldmaster, HRS, Delachaux
Mould life300,000 - 1,000,000 shots
Tooling lead-time15-40 days depends on qty & complexcity mold
Design softwarePro/E, UG, Catia, Solidwork, Moldflow, AutoCad
Mould life300,000-1,500,000 shots
Shipping packingWooden case or according to customer's requirements
Quotation Needed2D/3D drawing or Sample
Injection molding company
If you want to quickly get a quotation for the plastic injection mold ,pls tell us some informations :
1. plastic material type, sample or 2 D drawing
2. mold steel request(if you needed pls tell us ) and mold life request
3. surface treatment,
4. mold base and mold compents standard (if you need ,pls point this) than we will give you the offer within 24hours .China Blister Mold