Introduction of Paper Void cushion
Paper void Cushion and paper voidfill is proven to prevent damage to goods in transit and gives the end user a positive open box experience which is environmentally friendly.
Details of Paper Void cushion
Kraft paper void fill and paper padding is one of the most cost-effective protective packaging materials available.
Shippers find the flexibility of paper makes it a very versatile choice for all types of in-the-box packing protection. In response to this Airpower has developed protective paper packaging systems to fully support all of your packing needs including void fill, wrapping, block and brace, and shock absorbing paper padding to cushion everything from light- to heavy products
Advantages of Paper Void cushion
鈼?Sustainable paper cushioning solution made from multiple layers of 100% recycled paper
鈼?Breathable material is gentle on delicate surfaces and easily wraps around products
鈼?Absorbent material perfect for greasy items or liquids
鈼?Resists puncture of sharp items
鈼?Made from multiple layers of 100% recycled tissue paper sheets
鈼?No adhesives - embossed or edge-line technique secures tissue paper together
Specification of paper void cushion
鈼?Material: Russia paper
鈼?Length: 350 meter/roll
鈼?Width: 30 cm (Before folding 70cm)
鈼?Weight: 70gsm鈼?N.W: 17.3kg
鈼?G.W: 17.5kg
鈼?24 roll/ pallet
Packaging case display
Qualification certification
CE, PSE, ROS, appearance patent utility model patent, invention patent compliance.
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1, Cost efficiency
Original manufacturer, all products are produced at our own factory, which avoid a lot middle procedures and chances of increasing the cost.
2, Quality warranty
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