Our subway escalator, the whole equipment adopts the integral upper and lower parts which assembly with large gyratory radius, additional brake, internal or external large diameter guide roller and step chain, stainless steel inclined balustrade design,The production have stable safety and good comfort.
The whole truss adopts advanced finite element analysis technology and the calculation accuracy is very high.
The truss is welded by continuous carbon dioxide gas shielded welding, the weld is firm, the overall thermal deformation is small, and it is firm and durable.
BLT can provide rectangular tube and Angle steel trusses for two main profiles to increase the choice for customers.
We adopt the design of friction disc type additional brake , for high-rise escalator,it adopt the desige of double-side additional brakes , which effectively avoids the asymmetric impact caused by the additional brake and reduces the impact on the escalators, and it is also conducive to the long-term stable operation of the escalators and extend service life of the escalators.So that the escalator can effectively realize braking when speeding and non-operating reversal;The additional brake trigger electromagnet is designed for delayed power failure, which avoids power failure due to power failure or safety circuit failure , and makes it work at the same time with the main brake, which is more safe to use.
For high rise height escalator, due to handrail with a long length, it cause large friction resistance.In order to meet the sufficient driving force of the handrail,we can provide the end drive wheel .
Every escalator used in high-speed railway and subway is equipped with an automatic lubrication system, so that the traction chain can be properly lubricated, which saves manual lubrication and greatly saves the labor cost.China Public Transport Escalator factory