Private label hand sanitizer
The meaning of brand name:
Our hand sanitizer has own private label which named BULINXIONG.It鈥檚 named by an animal bear.This name is very cute and easy for people remember it.It鈥檚 popular in Children because bear is very kindly and very cute for kids.Many people loves bear and it has a good impression in many people鈥檚 eyes.What鈥檚 more bear is the symbolize of loyal and the purpose of our brand is loyal for our customers.It consistent with our brand pursuit and corporate culture. Therefore,we depend on using this name as our brand name.
The benefit of private label:
Private label can make a lot of benefit for our company and hand sanitizer is healthy for your hand and safety for your life.Putting it in your handbag then you can use it at any time you need. It can be used to kill the germs,bacteria,virus.That means hand sanitizer has a great benefit for our personal hygiene.Private label can save money for the company at the same time can improve popularity of the company.
No alcohol, gentle and non-irritating ;
Quickly kill bacteria and long-lasting anti-bacteria;
30 seconds, rinse-free and quickly dry, relaxed and no sticky;
Kill bacteria but safely protect the skin;
Natural fragrance, portable with good appearance, necessary to go out;
Daily cleaning;
Outdoor travel: moderate volume and easy to carry, clean hands anytime and anywhere;
High-temperature skin care: In hot weather, spray on the skin to quickly cool the skin and protect baby's delicate skin
Main ingredientsSpecificationFunctions
benzalkonium chloride50ml;
150mlhave an antibacterial effect on:
Staphylococcus aureus,
Escherichia coli
Candida albicansBulk Hand Sanitizer