Machine Specifications
1Packing Speed30-60 bags/min
2Filling range5-12 g/bag
3Inner bag size90mm(W)*75mm(L)
Or 100mm(W)*85mm(L)
4Outer bag size100mm(W)*125mm(L)
Or 110mm(W)*135mm(L)
5Air pressure0.65mpa
6Gas consumption0.5m鲁/min
(suggest use 30L gas pump)
7Total power1-Phrase 220V/50Hz/3.7Kw
Drip coffee bag completely retains the traditional brewing method of drip coffee, and meets the demand of pursuing a cup of high-quality coffee in the limited time of daily life. A cup of mellow coffee can be made through a few simple steps. Once invented, this kind of drip coffee bag is hot sold immediately. Now a fully automatic drip coffee bag packing machine can be fully realized automatically filling, packaging all functions, but also to maximize the retention of the original flavor of coffee.
Machine Features (hardware)
C60E is specialized for coffee and tea packing. It can achieve inner bag and outer bag one time made automatically by integral and compact structure.
Inner bag is drip coffee bag. Outer bag is three sides sealing bag.
Ultrasonic sealing is used for inner bag, firm sealing. To compared with traditional hot sealing or cold sealing, there is no product residue at the sealing area by high frequency vibration, so the sealed seams are strong, and ensure tight package.
Another benefit of ultrasonic sealing is avoiding the negative effect of heating sealing to products. As ultrasonic sealing doesn鈥檛 need temperature, it has no influence for the taste of products.
In addition, ultrasonic sealing seam is very narrow, almost one straight line. It can save packaging film cost, every bag can save at least 15mm length film.
We achieve 60bags per minute under C60E , by ultrasonic sealing, as there is no film sticking to the sealing jaws, it can help to reduce equipment downtime and maximize continuous packaging.
For inner bag film, we suggest to use permeable film, such as ,PET mesh, nylon mesh, corn fibre mesh, nonwoven fabric, or filter paper. Usually nonwoven fabric is common used. All the film can effectively improve the taste and quality of products.
This machine can be combined with elevator, and feeding system can be switched between volumetric cup feeding and screw feeding according different ground coffee.
Machine Features (software)
Compared with our powerful hardware and structure, NEWIDEA has done enough work in software design and improvement.
We have developed our own packaging program, and improved the program according to the feedback of customers, so that our packaging program is more reasonable. The packaging machine is an integrated equipment with multiple actions of feeding, sealing, cutting and temperature control. The mature program can ensure that the cooperation of each action is more perfect and stable.
The collection and transmission of packaging data can also be realized in our software.
At the same time, we can provide operation interfaces in English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese and other different languages. The operation interface is simple and not complicated, which can make every operator quickly familiar with each operation interface and each button.
Simple operation
Does the packaging machine need operators to pay attention to it all the time in daily operation? The answer is no.
The following features of our packing machine can make the operator's work easier.
1. No material. The machine will prompt the alarm
2. No film, The machine will prompt the alarm. Our frame film structure can be replaced with new roll film very simply.
3. No ribbon, The machine will prompt the alarm.
4. Changing different bag former, After our training, a skilled operator can complete the replacement of the bag former and related adjusting work within 15-30 minutes.
5. Weight accuracy, packaging machine can combine with weight detector to ensure the weight of each bag is within the error range allowed by the customer
Fully automated, intelligent packaging machines allow you to achieve greater output with fewer workers.
After sales - warranty
1) One year guarantee time, lifelong free service,24 hours online service, reply within 12 hours.
2) Spare parts provide in factory price within 20 years.
3) 10 years manufacture experience, Strong R&D department for design kinds of customized packing machines, and support engineers available to service machinery overseas for installation debugging and teaching.
4) Over 10 years experienced technicians provide you best service.
5) We promise machine keep working years in good working condition. Fewer easy broken parts, easy to change.
6) OEM,ODM and customized service
7) Operation video, manual book tool box for machine, one set of easy wear parts is provided.
8) We also supply tool box, manual book, operation video, and teach you about how to use and maintain machine if you like free of cost by our engineer.
9) All of our goods have passed CE certificate
1. Are you manufactory or trading company?
We are manufactory, already have been over 11 years old. We have our own brand 鈥淣EWIDEA鈥?, Over 400 customers chose us, More than 600 solutions are supplied per year.
2. The delivery time of this machine ?
Usually we keep stock machine in our manufactory, to ensure we can delivery our machine with 10-20 days, If the machine is out of stock for the time being, the time to build a new one is about 30 days.
3. Can you delivery to customer鈥檚 warehouse?
Transportation service is an important service project for us. We have cooperative and stable freight forwarders in the main ports of destination in the world, so that we can meet the door-to-door service needs of customers. If you need this kind of service, please contact our sales engineer, who will give you a reliable and reasonable quotation.
4. Payment terms
T/T, L/C, west union, wechat pay, alibaba trade insurance all is scceptable.
5. To order this packaging machine, necessary information as follows:
Material picture
Preferred bag shape
Bag size
Target bag weight
Local voltage and frequency
Packaging - Transportation
How to ensure the safety of the machine during transportation锛?/p>
We use export standard wooden cases to ensure that the packaging is in good condition. The machine is reinforced in the wooden case, and all accessories and additional vulnerable parts are well packed to prevent damage during loading and unloading.Coffee Packaging Machine