Model meaning
Product overview
FLN36-12D series SF6 load switch is switching device of rated voltage 12kV, it adopts SF6 gas as the arc extinguishing and insulating medium, with three service positions Close, Open and Ground inside. It has advantages of small size, convenient installation and use, and good environmental adaptation. It can be divided into two types: FLN36-12D (K type single-spring operating mechanism) and FLRN36-12D (A type dual-spring operating mechanism). The latter can be combined into load switch + fuse combination unit with control and protection functions, be used in power supply stations and power substations, especially applicable for ring main units, cable distribution boxes and distribution switching stations. The product meets the standards IEC60265, IEC60420, GB3804, GB16926, etc.
Structure and principle
Both the main circuit and ground circuit of FLN36-12D are sealed in the insulation shell that is made of epoxy resin by means of APG casting process, with good insulation performance, anti-pollution, etc. The insulation shell is made up of upper and lower two insulating covers with SF6 gas inside whose relative pressure is 0.4bar. The lower insulating cover has explosion precautions to guarantee personal safety, the overpressure SF6 will be led to the channel behind the box in case of accident conditions.
Service conditions
● Ambient temperature
Max temperature: +40℃
Mix temperature: -40℃
● Humidity: max average relative humidity
Daily mean: ≤95%
Monthly mean: ≤90%
● Seismic capacity: Ms8
● Altitude: ≤2000m
● The ambient air should be free of obvious pollution of corrosive gas or combustible gas or water vapor.
The installation site should be free of regular intensive vibration.
● Annual leakage rate: ≤0.1%
● Special conditions: please specify clearly if the load switch is intended for altitude 2000m above, so that the manufacturer can regulate the design scheme for you. (So far we have manufactured special load switch that run safely at altitude about 5000m).
Technical parameters
UnitFLN36-12D/T630-20 type load switchFLRN36-12D/100-50 type load switch-fuse combination unit
Rated voltage KV 12 12
Rated frequency Hz 50 50
Rated current A 630 100
1min power frequency withstand voltage, phase-to-ground and phase-to-phase KV 42/48 42/48
Lightning impulse withstand voltage (peak) phase-to-ground and phase-to-phase/isolating distance KV 75/8575/85
Rated power frequency withstand voltage under zero gauge pressure for 5min KV 24 24
Rated short-time withstand current 3s/2s, load switch / earthing switch KA 20/20 20/20
Rated peak withstand current (peak), load switch / earthing switch KA 50/50 50/50
Rated short-circuit making current, load switch / earthing switch KA 50/50 125/50
Rated closed loop breaking current A 630
Rated active load breaking current A 630
Rated cable charging breaking current A 10 10
Rated short-circuit breaking current KA 50*
Rated transfer current A 1700
Type of fuse XRNT-12KV/100A*
Output energy of fuse striker J 1±0.5
Mechanical life, load switch / earthing switchTimes 5000/2000 3000/2000
Air insulation distance between electrified bodies and to ground mm ≥125 ≥125
SF6 gas pressure (relative pressure at 20℃) bar 0.4 0.4
Opening and closing synchronism ms ≤2 ≤2
Resistance of main circuit μΦ ≤65 ≤65
* represents type test models, other models need go through relevant tests if necessary. When the gas pressure in the switch is zero gauge pressure, the load switch still can conduct making/breaking operation of rated current.
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