3mm Disposable Pediatric Trocar
Product Description:
3mm Disposable Pediatric Trocars are designed to minimize the incision site for gynecological and pediatric surgery..

3mm Pediatric Trocar
3mm Pediatric Trocar is extensively applied in various laparoscopic surgery including general minimally-Invasive surgerygynecologycal minimally-Invasive surgery, thoracic or urological endoscopic surgery, and more.

3mm Trocar Feature:
* Efficient- integrated general cannula cap
* Convenient- detachable design,easy for specimen retrieval
* Stable- double sealing, prevent gas leakage
* Reliable- greater abdominal wall retention
* Efficient- low system drag force
* lnnovative- bladeless, optical tip
* Various- multiple specifications,different materials for choice

Disposable Pediatric Trocar Specification:
TipCannulaObturatorSeal StyleSeriesLength (mm)Diameter (mm)
K Bladeless
N PyramidP Threaded
T ScrewV Optical
C Non-OpticalS Single SheetM 4 SheetsA701-3

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