SpecificationInner DiameterInner HeightStyle
7mm7.5mm5.0mmCentral Hole/Headspace
11mm11.0mm5.5mmCentral Hole/Headspace
13mm13.3mm6.3mmCentral Hole/Centre Tear Out
20mm20.3mm7.5mmCentral Hole/Centre Tear Out
28mm28.6mm10.0mmCentre Tear Out
32mm32.4mm12.0mmCentre Tear Out
34mm34.2mm10.5mmCentre Tear Out
Product Features
● Cost-efficient as alternative of flip off cap
● Washed by purified water, no aluminum scraps and oil contamination free
● Suitable for high temperature sterilization, no deformation and color unchanged
● Production completed in 100,000 class purification workshop according to GMP standardAluminum Cap manufacturers