Company Profile
As a professional lighting supplier with 15 years to all of the world, RUNWIN has gradually established its integrated production line including mold, aluminum die-casting, plastic injection and assembling. Since 2015, consistent with TUV standard, RUNWIN set up its own laboratory to provide with product innovation and quality assurance to our clients.
Runwin Slogan
Runwin Mission
Offer high-quality, eco-friendly, and innovative lighting solutions!
Runwin Vision
Be a top 10 professional lighting supplier in China!
Runwin Tech Motto
quality is always remembered after price is forgotten!
Runwin Sales Motto
Help our customer to win the market and the reputation!
Runwin History
Runwin Workshop
Runwin R&D Testing Laboratory
Runwin R&D Testing Laboratory was established in 2015 with total investment of 200,000 US dollars. Our laboratory cooperates with TUV Rheinland closely aiming at improving products performance and ensure products quality and finally enhance our competitiveness.
Integrating Sphere
Function: To test photometric and electrical parameters of LED lights and lamps. Including luminous flux, lumen efficiency, CCT, CRI, SDCM. Mini integrating sphere for testing LED chips.
(Totally three Integrating spheres : D 2.0m, D 1.5m, D 0.5m)
LT-500A LED test system for accelerated aging and longevity
Function: Regular and accelerated aging test. 5-10pcs samples to do accelerated aging test under 60鈩?- 80 鈩?for one month, to ensure the reliability and lifetime of products.
EMC specialized test room and test system
Function: EMC specialized test room and test system, to test the interference of power port when LED lights or lamps are under normal operation, especially for products with EMC requirements.
Draught-proof enclosure
Function: Used for doing thermal test inside, to avoid excessive changes in ambient temperature. For products with special Ta, thermal test shall be done in oven in which the ambient temperature set to Ta.
Lightning surge generator
Function: To test lightning surge performance for outdoor lights, like street light. High voltage test up to 7000V.
IPX3/4/5/6 waterproof test system
Function: Waterproof test for outdoor lights with different IP rating. Can test for IPX3/4/5/6.
For IPX7/8, test shall be done in water pool.
IPX3: Rain-proof; IPX4: Splash-proof; IPX5: Jet-proof; IPX6: Powerful water jet-proof;
IPX7: Watertight; IPX8: Pressure watertight.
Darkroom and IES test system
Function: IEST test, including light distribution, beam angle, lumen output of LED lights and lamps. The length of dark room is 8m.
Salt spray tester
Function: To test the performance of salt spray corrosion resistance. After test, the surface shall not have phenomenon like corrosion, bubble, crack.
Our Service
In RUNWIN, each order is like a human life. From birth to the end, we devote ourselves to every stage.
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Every order Runwin QC do quality inspection from material to finished product
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Runwin Family
Runwin team work as a big family. We cooperate with each other and respect each other. We have all kinds of team building activities every year to help all the members to regain energy and also strength the cohesive force.
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Social Charity
"Runwin team have been committed ourselves to charity and public good. We contribute our profit to public education and public utilities. Strong sense of social responsibility is rooted in our enterprise culture."
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