Phenolic (Poly cone) Caps offer a tight, secure seal for vials, jars, bottles, etc., making them the perfect choice for volatile products like essential oils, perfumes, flavorings and various liquid products, especially when maintaining freshness is a concern. At Burch Bottle we offer a wide range of black Phenolic (Poly cone) Caps, in the following sizes: 18/400, 28/400, 33/400, 38/400, 20/400, 22/400, and 24/400. Regardless of your container or application, we’ve got the cap you need, for a secure seal you can count on.
These caps are designed to form an exceptionally tight seal. The Poly Cone liner is made of an oil-resistant plastic, offering a superior chemical barrier. Scroll down to the From the Blog section to learn more about our Amber Bottles, Lids & Droppers. This cap fits any of the containers under the Product Accessories below. Jars are sold separately by case quantity. Lids are sold by the each or case.

A classic bottle shape in the packaging industry, the Boston Round Bottle can hold almost any liquid or solid. Traditionally used for pharmaceutical, chemical and laboratory applications, popular uses break the mold and extend across most markets today. Black phenolic caps included. High performance phenolic caps are heat-resistant and provide excellent chemical resistance. Phenolic caps are often used with pharmaceutical products, chemicals, and essential oils. Caps include polyethylene cone liners which provide added room for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other highly unstable substances with high vapor content to expand and contract as needed.
Bottles are packed in reusable reshipper cartons with internal corrugated dividers that protect from damage during storage and shipping.
Phenolic Caps are the premier closure in the packaging business. The Phenolic Cap is a threaded closure with an uninterrupted spiral mechanism. This provides the user the ability to easily seal and reseal the container. The ribbed sided design provides easy gripping for the user to twist on and off. This cap has a smooth top. The main benefit of Phenolic Caps is their durability and long life. As a result they are a more premium priced product.
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