About Hibiscus Flower Extract
Hibiscus flower extract anthocyanins powder is extracted from the flower of Malvaceae plant Roselle. The maximum extent to retain the original rose eggplant hibiscus acid, anthocyanin, polyphenols such as effective active ingredients.

Hibiscus acid is believed to be effective in the treatment of heart disease, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, etc. Hibiscus flower smell slightly sweet, taste acid, which contains vitamin C, elderberry three glycosides, citric acid and other nutrients, is conducive to regulating and balancing blood fat, promote calcium absorption, promote children's development, promote digestion.
Product name:Hibiscus Flower Extract
Latin name:Hibiscus sabdariffa Linn.
Used part: Flower
Specification: Anthocyanidins 1-15% UV
Polyphenols 1%- 50% UV
Ratio: 10:1, 20:1
Appearence: Purple red fine powder
Particle size: 80 mesh or customization
Total Plate Count: 鈮?1000 cfu/g
Total Yeast & Mold: 鈮?100 cfu/g
Salmonella: Negative
E.coli: Negative
Staphylococcus: Negative
Packing details锛?5kgs/drum, inner with two layers plastic bag.
Shelf life锛? years. Store sealed at room temperature, avoid strong light irradiation .
1. Promote blood cell destruction;
2. Promote gastric cancer cells dying;
3. Promote the destruction of blood cells, inhibition of drug induced liver oxidative damage;
4. Inhibit colon cancer induced by chemical substances, but also increase the glutathione with the function of protecting liver function;
5. Hibiscus flower extract anthocyanins powder can regulate blood pressure and improve sleep;
6. Can be used as a natural colorant.Anthocyanin Ingredients in stock