China Ex-proof 200L Glass Reactor quotation.
Basic Description
1. Shanghai HJ-200L Jacketed Glass Reactors are designed for Filtration of different types of materials in a controlled temperature and vacuum environment.
2. HJ-200L Glass Reactor is designed as double-layer glass. The reactor solvent is placed in the inner layer for stirring reaction. Different cold and heat sources (frozen liquid, hot water or hot oil) can be introduced into the inter-layer for circulating heating or cooling reaction.
3. Under the set constant temperature condition, the sealed glass reaction kettle can carry out stirring reaction under normal pressure or negative pressure according to the use requirements, and can carry out reflux and distillation of the reaction solution.
4. It is an ideal pilot test and production equipment for modern fine chemical industry, bio-pharmaceuticals and new material synthesis.
Bring Values to YouHJ-200L Glass Reactor
Glass MaterialsHigh Borosilicate Glass 3.3
(We can provide you the Glass Materials Certificate)
Reaction Glass Vessel Capacity200L
Cooling/Heating Jacket Capacity60L
CondenserDual-Layer Cooling Layers
Chilling Fluid Connection: GL26 hose barb
Condensation Area: 0.65 m虏
Receiving Flask: 10L with continues discharging valve
Optional: condensation area can be customized
Optional: receiving flask capacity can be 5L, 10L, 20L and 50L
Feeding FunnelCapacity: 2000 ml
Glass Valve with PTFE Open/Close
Optional: Capacity can be 2L, 5L, 10L and 20L
Optional: Jacketed Feeding Funnel
Optional: Powder Feeding Funnel
Glass Lid7 openings:
1. Solid Materials Feeding: 95#
2. Stirrer: 50#
3. Cleaning: DN25
4. Temperature Probe: DN25
5. Condenser: S50/20
6. Vacuum Port: 34/34
7. Feeding Funnel: 40/40
Supporting FrameAll stainless-steel parts are SUS304 type. (Refused to use the 201-type stainless steel)
Optional: can be coated by PTFE to improve the corrosion resistance
Swivel CastersFour, built-in with locks
Working Temperature-80掳C ~ +200掳C
Internal & External
Temperature Difference鈮?80掳C
(Resistant to sudden temperature changes)
Vacuum Inside of Reaction Glass Vessel-0.1 ~ 0.0 MPa
Vacuum Inside of Jacket Layer鈮?+ 0.03 MPa
Stirring Motor370W
Motor TypeExplosion Proof Motor (Level: ExDIIBT4)
Optional: DC Brushless Motor
Optional: 180W, 250W, 370W, 550W, 750W motor
Rotation ControllerDigital controller with variable frequency drive
Rotation speed: 50 to 600 rpm
Temperature SensorPT100 (Realtime display the materials temperature)
Stirring SealingPTFE Stirring Seal Kits
(Ceramic Bearing, Anti-Corrosion, Wear-Resistant)
AgitatorType-304 stainless steel reinforced PTFE
Cleaning inside of glass vesselPTFE spray ball (3.5bar, cleaning radius: 3-6m)
Insulated Connection HoseOil Drain Manifold Kit
(Simple and easy draining of the circulator fluid)
(Limit strain on the glassware from the heavy insulated oil hoses)
Discharging ValveFlush seal design with large opening and flat flange clamp
Power Supply110, 220V 50Hz/60Hz
Unit Dimensions (W*D*H)130*90*340 cm
Net Weight190 KG
Turnkey Package
1) Heating&Cooling Circulator with dynamic temperature control
-20C, -40C, -60C, -80C to +200C
2) Water Air Aspirator Vacuum Pump
50L/min, 100L/min pumping speed and -0.098MPa Ultimate Vacuum Level
3) Recirculating Chiller
-20C, -40C, -60C, -80C, -100C, -120C
Glass Reactor Vessel1. Single Jacketed
2. Dual Jacketed
Condenser1. Condensation area can be customized
2. Receiving flask capacity can be 5L, 10L, 20L and 50L
Feeding Funnel1. Capacity can be 2L, 5L, 10L, 20L, 30L
.2 Jacketed Feeding Funnel
3. Powder Feeding Funnel
Supporting Frame1. Standard: all stainless-steel parts are SUS304 type.
2. Supporting Frame coated by PTFE
3. Electric Lifting for the parts which above the glass lid
4. Leftward Rotation of Reaction Glass Vessel (160掳)
Glass Lid1. 7 Openings (Vacuum Port, Temperature Probe, Stirrer, Feeding Funnel, Material Feeding Port, Condenser, Cleaning)
2. Other openings according to your request
Glass Port1. Ground Mouth
2. Convex Ball Ground Mouth
3. Flange Mouth
Motor Type1. Explosion Proof Motor (Level: ExDIIBT4)
(We can provide you the explosion proof Certificate)
2. DC Brushless Motor
3. 180W, 250W, 370W, 550W, 750W motor
Top Right Condenser1. Condenser with 1 vacuum and 2 chilling fluid ports (Size: 鈱€120*640 mm)
2. Replace condenser with a glass hollow stopper
3. Other size of condenser (Please let us know the condensation area)
Receiving Flask under Condenser1. No need
2. 5L~50L (Please let us know the specific capacity)
Top Left Feeding Funnel1. 2L Glass Meterial Feeding Funnel
2. 5L ~ 20L
3. Replace Feeding Funnel with a Glass Hollow Stopper
Back Temperature Probe1. In-vessel temperature probe
2. Replace temperature probe with a glass stopper
Front Right Vacuum Port1. Glass Vacuum Port with on/off Valve
2. Replace Vacuum Port with a glass hollow stopper
The Port at the Bottom of Glass Reaction Vessel1. 鈱€80 mm (Oblique outlet: 鈱€30mm)
2. 鈱€100 mm (Oblique outlet: 鈱€50mm)
Vacuum Setup1. No Pump
2. Water Jet Vacuum Pump (Anti-corrosion, 50~100L/Min pumping speed)
3. Diaphragm Vacuum Pump (Anti-corrosion, 60L~120L/Min pumping speed)
Chillers and Heaters1. No Recirculating Chiller and Heater
2. Recirculating Chiller for the jacket (-20C, -40C, -60C, -80C)
3. Recirculating Heater for the jacket(200C, 300C)
4. Heating & Cooling Circulator(-20C ~ 200C, -40C ~ 200C, -60C ~ 200C )
Chiller for Top Condenser1. No Recirculating Chiller
2. Recirculating Chiller (-20C, -30C, -40C)
We accept any customization request. Please email us and we鈥檒l bring values to you!
More Customization User Cases:
1. PH Control or PH measurement
2. Automatic feeding or discharging by peristaltic pump or gear pump
3. Ultrasonic dispersion
4. Nutsche Filter
5. Reaction Vessel can be max rotation angle with 180掳and lifting with max 400mm distanceMore Glass Reactor manufacturer