The shape of the side milling cutter is similar to that of a straight-edged face milling cutter. In addition to the shape and function of a flat milling cutter, the side milling cutter also has a cutting edge, which can simultaneously mill the plane and the side of the object. According to the shape of the cutting edge, it can be divided into three types: straight tooth, helical tooth and staggered tooth. The stress of staggered tooth side milling cutter can offset each other, reduce vibration, and have better milling efficiency and suitable for heavy milling.
If you want to understand the side milling cutter, you must first understand the side milling cutter. The side milling cutter is the tool used to mill the workpiece plane in the machining process. Because it is larger than the general milling cutter and has the same shape as the disk, it is It is called the side milling cutter head.
The side milling cutter is generally installed on a hard-quality alloy insert with inserts that are not reground. It is a rotary tool with one or more teeth for milling. Install the side milling cutter on the main shaft of the milling machine, that is, the milling cutter head can be used for end milling and horizontal milling, and then press the hard alloy blade with the wedge block on the cutter head on the top of the cutter head. In general, It can be equipped with eight blades. The large milling cutter can be equipped with more than a dozen carbide blades. At least one blade can be installed to mill the plane. Then clamp the workpiece to be milled on the flat-nose pliers of the machine, or press it on the working surface of the milling machine, and then start the spindle, the milling cutter can be rotated, and then the plane can be milled.cheap End Mill