Turkish coffee machine
Goodbye to traditional ways to prepare a cup of Turkish coffee !! ??
Joegoo Vending offers you a special Turkish coffee machine
(Gili coffee) with 3 other options (Nescafe, Mocachino and Hot Chocolate).
Among the most important features of the machine:
1. It contains two coffee boilers from the parent company (not modified as others in the market). This guarantees you a complete boiling process of coffee and access to the distinctive taste of Turkish coffee.
2. Record speed in preparing drinks within 15 seconds per cup.
3. An internal cup storage capacity of 200 cups with the automatic cup descent feature when ordering the drink. This feature ensures that the cups are not touched.
4. Coin device corresponds to all denominations.
5. A water suction pump to place the bottle at the bottom of the machine inside the special cabinet to carry the machine.
Our company provides you with the service of operating all kinds of machines within companies and following them up by our specialized staff around the clock, which provides you with the service of employees and customers by securing your snack machines and hot drinks.
鈻?Type: JC400-LY306T
鈻?Dimension: 430 *580 * 710(mm)
鈻?Net weight: 35KG Gross weight: 41KG
鈻?Capacity of heater: 1.6L
鈻?Water tank capacity: 4L
鈻?Power: 1600W
鈻?Voltage: AC 220V 50Hz
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