Titanium Underwater Camera Housings
BJMK can precision machining various of titanium subsea housings. Underwater Camera Housings is one of the main type of housings.

There are main two types of camera housings can be provided
1. Square
2. Cylinder

The pictures showed square welding titanium grade2 camera housings. which generally application for less than 3000m depth.

For cylinder camera housings are seamless, machining from a solid bars, with higher strength than square welding housings, generally used for 3000m depth and more.

Construction Data
Square and Cylinder all can machining on request and custom design drawings.
Our CNC machining capability:
The maximum Diameter: 600mm
The maximum Length: 2000mm

Titanium Camera Housings Advantages
Low Weight
Long service life
High strength-to-weight ratio

We can provide one piece of samples for your testing, welcome to contact us for more information!Machining Titanium manufacturers