In Black Sonata you will find yourself in Shakespeare's London, circa 1600, in pursuit of the shadowy Lady. A specially ordered deck of cards determines her hidden movements from place to place. You must deduce her location and then intercept her to catch a glimpse and gain a clue to her identity. You will need several clues to deduce her identity, but with each clue gained the Lady becomes harder to track. Black Sonata combines hidden movement and logical deduction into a unique solitaire steeped in literary history.
At the beginning of the game you'll randomly select one of the 11 Dark Lady cards to be the target of your pursuit. You'll also set up the stealth deck by arranging the cards according to the sequence chosen for the game. There are 8 sequences on the cards, along with 20 included in the rulebook. Each can be arranged in normal or reverse order, meaning their are 56 different paths included in the box!
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