Aluminum tilt and turn windows are windows that can swing like a casement window or tilt the top of the sash into your room for ventilation. You can control the two operations by one handle. The aluminum tilt turn windows are great window for unique situations where you want additional ventilation or access.
Product Information
Model NumberORAWT1004
MaterialAluminum profile, glass, ironmongery
ColorStock color: white, grey and coffee brown. Any other RAL is available to be customized.
GlassSingle, double or triple glazed glass available.
IronmongeryKinglong or HOPO brand
Mosquito ScreenRetractable screen installed on exterior.
Warranty10 years
PackageBubble foam for container loading. Bubble foam+steel pallet for LCL loading.
PaymentTT/Paypal/West Union
Leading time30-45 days based on your order
MOQ50sqm in total
Security of uPVC and aluminium windows
Thanks to their durable nature, both aluminium and uPVC windows are pretty secure, and significantly more so than timber windows which can be vulnerable to forced entry if they degrade. The level of security a window provides tends to be based on the quality of the locks installed with it.
No matter if you opt for aluminium or uPVC, provided that you have durable, modern, multipoint locks, you can rest assured that your windows will be secure.
Can I get grill on my aluminum tilt and turn windows?
Yes, you can! We can customized the grill according to your request. Below are the standard grill designs for your info.

Yes, our aluminum and wood aluminum windows have a concealed hinge option. We have multiple window design options for your project, including a concealed sash.
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