Positive-negative Cage Off Load
Pad-mount transformers are available in various electrical and mechanical configurations. Pad-mount transformers operate on medium-voltage distribution systems, up to about 35 kV. The low-voltage winding matches the customer requirement and may be single-phase or three-phase.
Pad-mount transformers are (nearly always) oil-filled units and so must be mounted outdoors only. The core and coils are enclosed in a steel oil-filled tank, with terminals for the transformer accessible in an adjacent lockable wiring cabinet. The wiring cabinet has high and low voltage wiring compartments. High and low voltage underground cables from below enter the terminal compartments directly. The top of the tank has a cover secured with carriage bolt-nut assemblies. The wiring cabinet has sidewalls on two ends with doors that open sideways to expose the high and low voltage wiring compartments.
Three-phase pad-mounted transformers range in sizes from 75 kVA up to 5000 kVA with voltages ranging from 2,400 up to 34,500 delta or wye. Low-voltage pad-mounted range in size from 208y/120 through 24,940y/14,000.
Model Explanation
WSL□ □/□-□╳□
W: off-circuit
S : three-phase
L : cage type
□: voltage regulation model
□: rated current
□: rated voltage
□: number of tapping heads
□: number of tapping position
Voltage Regulation Model
I : linear regulating
II : central point
III : neutral point
IV : Y-△ conversion
V : series-parallel connection
VI: positive and negative regulation
Samples Technical Data
Performance parameters Rated voltage KVInstallation level(kV)Sealing performance
Power frequency(KV/1min)Impulse(1.2/50us)
To earthInter PhaseInter ContactTo earthInter Phase
1042421875750.25MPa 24h
35959530230230Off-load Tap Selector