COTEC is a recognized manufacturer and exporter of pulp & paper-making machinery and related products in China. From Stock preparation to paper products, COTEC provides an optimal solution, design concept, and installation worldwide. As a result, we can be your best solution and partner in starting a paper mill. Whatever the size of your project, we'll take it on. We will be your best partner in building to adapt to your project's needs efficiently and on demand.
Mr. Yubing Zhao
Bachelor of Xi'an Jiaotong University 1975-1979
Senior Engineer
One of the drafters of the QB 2551-2002 papermaking dryer standard
Participate in design and construction projects:
Hangzhou Zhongyi Paper Mill
Zhejiang Samsung Paper Mill
Hangzhou Chunsheng Paper Co., Ltd.
Hangzhou Guofeng Paper
Zhejiang Feima Paper
Zhejiang Fuyang Kangyuan Paper Co., Ltd.
Hangzhou Fuyang Nanhe Paper Co., Ltd.
Fuyang Zhongnan Paper
Zhejiang Jindong Paper Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Fuyang Nanhe Paper Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Wanxin Paper Co., Ltd.
Fuyang Boda Paper
Xinxiang Xinya Paper Co., Ltd.
Xinxiang Hongda Paper Co., Ltd.
Xi'an Hongguang Paper Co., Ltd.
Xi'an Aohui Paper Co., Ltd.
COTEC Factory (Qinyang City, China)
Why Choose Us?
We have products of varying quality and specifications to satisfy the market's expectations. We provide pulp and paper production equipment to global customers that can make toilet paper, Kraft paper, coated paper, boxboard paper, superstitious paper, cultural paper, cigarette paper, specialty paper, and so on. It is also CE compliant.
We usually contact customers via email and phone. We also go to different markets for a deeper understanding, meeting and discussing face-to-face.
We have kept our pledge of "not selling to our present customers' customers." We will never reveal our customer's firm name or purchasing scale without permission. We must protect the benefits and trade secrets of our current customers.
Establishing mutual trust will not be simple, but we will do our best. We strive for long-term relationships and place a premium on quality and cooperation in relationship maintenance.
We welcome your feedback and will ensure any suggestions are acted upon.
We Help You Start From Sketch In Four Steps
Step 1
Please submit your inquiry by telling us precisely what you require. Customer support will email you within 24 hours to assign an experienced engineer to assist you with your project.
Step 2
In less than three business days, your dedicated engineer will provide you with a best available techniques reference document for the production of pulp, paper, and board. You can then reserve the technical docs to give comments.
Step 3
Before production, double-check all product details with your engineer. Your engineer will organize, monitor, and ensure proper production.
Step 4
We arrange for quality control, debugging, operator training, and sea/air transportation to any location in your country.Low Consistency Cleaner price