"Where are you going?" She closed the magazine and looked at him with a smile. You're a nice guy. But I don't want to say. Is that all right? "All right." He said with a smile. But when you get to Boston, if you want to have a drink for the big duck on the airplane, it's on me. Thank you. But I have to get another flight. "Oh, my God, I made a mistake in my star chart today." He said, opening the novel again. But you have a great smile. A lad will fall in love with you. She also opened the magazine, but instead of reading the article, she looked at her injured fingers, two of which were covered with pink blood blisters. In her head she heard Tom's cry again: "I'll kill you, sister-in-law!"! *** you, bitch! In Tom's eyes, she is a bitch. In front of her jealous colleagues, she is a bitch. And before her father, she was also a bitch. Sister-in-law. You bitch. She closed her eyes. Her foot, which had been cut by a fragment of the perfume bottle, ached more than her finger. She was given a Band-Aid, a pair of shoes and a thousand dollars. The night before seemed like a dream. She could remember being followed by three teenagers, shouting and whistling,asrs warehouse, but not daring to come. She remembers being relieved when she saw the neon sign of a shop at the intersection. She walked into the store, bared her chest, and then borrowed 40 cents from an acne-faced clerk at the store to make a pay phone call. That is not difficult to do, it is all the credit of the "beautiful scenery" in front of the chest. By the time Beverly arrived in a taxi, Kay was already waiting by the side of the road. She wore a coat over her flannel nightgown and a pair of pink slippers with big buttons. It's a good thing it wasn't an orange button-it would have scared Beverly away. In the car, everything came back to her mind, and all the terrible memories reappeared. She felt like someone had driven a bulldozer into her head and dug up all the dusty memories. The names,heavy duty metal racks, names she hadn't thought about for years, flashed through her mind: Bance Hansko, Richie Dorje, Henry Bowles, Eddie. Casblanc. Bill Dunbon. In particular, Bill, the stuttering Bill, as they used to call him, was sometimes Frank and sometimes cruel. In her eyes, Bill was so tall and perfect (as long as he didn't open his mouth). A person's name. Place names. And the things that have happened. Her body was cold and hot, and she remembered the sound coming from the sewer. And blood. She screamed and her father beat her up. Her father, Tom, warehouse storage racks ,heavy duty cantilever racks, was about to burst into tears.. Kay paid for the car and then gave the driver a tip. The driver shouted excitedly, "Thank you, madam!" " Kay took her into the house, gave her a bath, gave her a robe when she came out, made coffee, and examined her wound. After dressing the wound, Kay asked, "What happened?"? Shall we call the police? "I don't need to say more," Beverly said. "It sounds crazy. But most of it was my fault. Kiah rapped hard on the table. Pow! The voice was bright and Beverly jumped up. Don't you ever say that again, "Kay said excitedly." How many years have we been friends? Nine years? 10 years? If I hear one more word from you that it's your fault, I'm going to throw up. Do you hear me? I'm gonna ***ing throw up. It's not your fault this time. It wasn't your fault last time. It wasn't your fault last time. It never was. You know what my friends say? Don't you know that they say that sooner or later he will make you a slave, or even kill you? Beverly's eyes widened. If there was a mistake, it was that you stayed there and let it happen. But thank God, now you've escaped. Almost half of your fingernails are torn off, your feet are cut, your shoulders are covered with belt wounds, and you say it's your fault. "He didn't hit me with a belt." Beverly blurted out a lie. She was so shy that her face suddenly turned red. What you do to Tom, you do to your lies.
Kay looked at Beverly quietly, her eyes full of true feelings. Beverly lowered her eyes. Tears flowed down my throat and tasted salty. Who are you trying to kid? Kay grabbed Beverly's hand. Sunglasses. A high-necked long-sleeved shirt.. Maybe you can fool people, but you can't fool your friends, Beverly. You can't fool those who love you. Beverly began to cry. Then, before bed, she told Kay what she could: a phone call from her hometown of Derry, Maine, from an old friend, reminding her of a vow she had made long ago. He said it was time to ask her if she would go? She said go, and the trouble with Tom began. What is this oath? Kay asked. Beverly shook her head slowly. Kay, I really can't tell you. Kay thought for a moment and nodded. Fine. So what are you going to do about Tom when you get back from Maine? Beverly felt more and more that she would not come back from Delhi. She just said, "I'll come to you first, and then we'll decide together, okay?" "Very good," Kiah said. "Is that an oath, too?" "As long as I can come back," Beverly said firmly, "there's no problem." When Kay arrives at the coach station to take her to Milwaukee, Beverly tells Kay to watch out for Tom. "There are guards everywhere in Oha," Kay said. You needn't worry about me. If he comes near you, what you have to do is yell and shout his dog's head off. Beverly shook her head. I want you to avoid him completely. This is the only way. Kay looked at her slyly and said, "Are you afraid that I will tell you?" Beverly thought of the seven of them standing in the stream, of Stanley and the shimmering Coke bottle fragment in his hand,industrial racking systems, of the sharp pain when her palm was cut, of them holding hands in a circle, vowing that they would come back if it started killing again.. Destroy it forever.