Ji Yun didn't want to talk about this, but Fan Shijie had a bad smile on his face, as if he had thought of Qianlong's "something else" and had to explain it. He moved down his chair and moved his hands and feet to refill tea for everyone. He sighed: "The west is tight, and the southwest is deadlocked. The Lord is in a dilemma!"! The front is fighting, the rear is tearing down the dirt, and the Lord is in a dilemma! I think it may be a heaven-sent opportunity to see the clouds today, and the four words'deliberate 'can be said to mean endless.. He was the Minister of Military Aircraft, and it was time to shut up when he had said so far. However, I was so busy these days that I felt dizzy, and no one was bored to speak. It was all my friends who had nothing to worry about. As soon as they were happy, they would say: "The leader of Jinchuan's battle is to fight for this tone, to wipe out the shame of two defeats, to have this face, to take the opportunity to train troops, and to use martial arts to cheer up the decadent wind.". The erosion of the northwest will bring chaos to half of China. Which is more important, the master's heart is bright. The overall situation is at stake, and the minor situation is also at stake. In order to save Fu Liuye, I think the master intends to treat Sha Luoben leniently. They are all in a daze, they are not to discuss politics, chat at will, one is afraid of dry long called in after dinner, and the other is all excited and restless, comfort each other calm mind, Ji Yun so solemn, even Liu Tongxun also listened,ceramic igniter electrodes, looked at him doubtfully. "How could it be?" Asked Fan Shijie? I don't know even if I'm not in the Ministry of the Interior. How much did it cost! The imperial court has moved out all the mountains of gold, silver, rice, and noodles. Since there is today, why did you have to do it at the beginning? But Jin Wok asked, "How does this matter have anything to do with Fu?"? Where does the word'preservation 'come from? "Look at this book." Ji Gou Mo handed a copy of Rong Zhai Essay to Jin Wok in a profound way. "Master, after reading this paragraph, he went out with a calm face. When he went out, he met Duoyun. It was cooked like this again. Do you think there is a dry company?" The three men approached the book,ceramic welding tape, but turned it over in the sixteen volumes of Rong Zhai Essay, on which there were claw marks pinched by Ji Yun's nails, but it was a very short paragraph: It is disadvantageous to take the general of Shu. Since Bashu was connected with China, those who were good at the separatist regime were only passed on again and again. And from the east raised troops to come, although many to carry, the general is not good, as for the death of demotion. In the Han Dynasty, Gongsun Shu's generals Cen Peng and Lai Kui suffered the disaster of assassins, and Wu Han was almost unavoidable. Wei attacked Liu Chan, and the generals Deng Ai and Zhong Hui were all punished by their families. Emperor Zhuangzong of the Tang Dynasty attacked Wang Yan, and the envoys of Wei, Guo Chongtao and Kang Yanxiao, were all killed. When the court attacked Meng He, the generals Wang Quanbin and Cui Yanjin were deposed without reward. After ten years, they became officials again. There is no truth in the whole article. It's all historical facts like a mountain of iron cases. Since the Han Dynasty, at most two generations of the separatist regime in Sichuan have been finished, and the generals who have rendered meritorious service in Sichuan have all been unlucky with Huagai. Sichuan is such a precious place! Think of Zhang Xianzhong, Alumina Ceramic C795 ,Kamado bbq grill, who was entrenched in Sichuan when the Qing army entered the Shanhaiguan Pass, Wu Sangui and Oboi, who captured Sichuan, and Zhao Liangdong, who led his troops into Sichuan to quell the Rebellion of the Three Feudatories. Apart from Zhao Liangdong's demotion to his post and barely surviving, and Oboi's lifelong imprisonment, none of the two generals in front of him even had a corpse. Only then did everyone understand the meaning of Ji Yun's so-called "preservation of the Sixth Master". This is not only the number of luck, there is also a "Emperor De Jun Ze" in it, people do not even dare to think deeply, one by one creepy. Ji Yun in this silence but suddenly alert to come over, a tremor in the heart: "Today this is committed what phlegm?"? So many words, but also show off their knowledge, there is no one who does not violate the prime minister's taboo. Remembering the story of Cao Cao and Yang Xiu, his back was like a thorn, and he was in a panic. After several fires, he lit a cigarette and took a few puffs before he could barely calm down. He thought about using words to turn around, but he was afraid that his words would become more and more black. He laughed and said, "Hong Mai is unreasonable. He is not a real Confucian.". "His remarks are just coincidental, and his deviant words are not enough to teach. It is even more ignorant for me to show off my academics in a disorderly manner!" Laugh a few words to divert the crowd train of thought and then change the topic: "Yan Qing Gong, the case of Xian Yu Gong has been killed.". I don't know who sent a copy of the suicide note that Xian Yu wrote to his family before he died. It said that Fu Heng was unfair, appointed a private person to exclude dissidents, rewarded and punished the soldiers, and each of the six ministers and the princes had one. And one of the princes was forwarded from Peking, a copy of the original by post. But the Fifth Master was now banished and could not see the emperor.
Each department said that the matter did not submit the original, but quoted the application. There is also a petition from Jin Hui, who said the beginning and end of the case, all of which were connected to Zhuo Suoshama's father and daughter. The emperor asked me to take care of it because he was afraid that your spirit and body would not hold up. But you should know, I have sorted out, you have time to see- "he pointed to a pile of documents on the case," all in there, and Gao Heng's case. Sixth Master Fu turned to the forty-eight civil servants to plead guilty, and he also asked you to consider it. They were all officers below the fourth grade, and there was no need to ask for a decree. There were sixty military officers, and Sixth Master Fu had eighty military sticks for each of them. He recorded a major demerit and stayed in the army to listen to it. Civil officials can't inflict punishment. They can take into account this rule. It's up to you to decide. Please issue a decree and do it. "Sugmaqin has a letter in my place, but it says good things about Fu Heng. I also read the letter you forwarded to Buda." Liu Tung-hsun said with a smile, "One night in the city, one thing is done in the right way, and right and wrong are not clear. It's fair to say that things are fair to say that things are fair. Some things seem to be talking nonsense with their eyes closed!"! What Buda said in his letter was vivid and vivid. How did Fu Heng take a fancy to Shama? From which door did he bring her into the palace? In which room did he molest and play with her? From which door did he quietly send her out as if he had witnessed it with his own eyes. At the end, he said softly, "It's all heard, and I can talk about it for reference."! Small people create rumors, it comes without a trace, it goes without a trace, its progress is also gradual, its entry is also deep, thinking about it makes people tremble with fear-pay the imperial view? He's a personal letter again, and you say it's awesome! "Meng Tian, Yue Fei and yuan Chonghuan all suffered this loss," said Jin Wok. When Shih Lang captured Taiwan, he dared not mention a word about his contributions. In his memorial to the throne, he picked up good words to praise Li Guangdi. He gave Li Guangdi the'meritorious man 'and was willing to be a'meritorious dog.' Isn't that because he was afraid of such rumors? "That's it!"! Fu Heng does not go out to lead troops, stay with the master, who dares to say that he is half a'no 'word? Fan Shijie, however,Ceramic Bobbin, spoke bluntly and did not hide it. Isn't it the same for you, Lao Yanqing? The son has made such a great contribution that he dares not promote him! If Liu Yong were my son, would you recommend him? 。