Qi Yue found that the loss of visual ability, but let oneself in the use of mental power can be more focused, especially when manipulating the source of natural energy, obviously more skilled than before, light solubility flashed in the eyes, it is not the light of vision, but the fluctuation of mental power. Soon, his spiritual memory was completely bordered by every corner of the East City, and through his own spiritual work, he began to search carefully. Searching for a familiar breath is a very simple thing for his present ability. Time is not long, he has clearly found the direction of that breath, mental convergence, toward that direction and cohesion, with the concentration of mental force, he clearly felt the specific location of the breath he was looking for, and even through the mental force has clearly seen the appearance of that person. Cloud power operation, under the action of the wind, Qi Yue's body is almost in a straight line in that direction to float down. As he got closer to the ground, the breath of natural energy in the air became clearer and clearer, enabling him to clearly judge how far he was from the ground. Qi Yue's breath is locked in a car, a car with blue and white paint, and this kind of car represents a police car. Spirit locked the police car,stainless steel edge trim, Qi Yue found that in the car in addition to the person he wanted to find, there is another breath. If he wanted to stop the police car in his own right, it would be a simple matter. But in order not to shock the world, he did not do so, but increased his speed to the same level as the police car, and then quietly landed on the roof of the police car without any sound. The wind and clouds in his body were released from his limbs separately, presenting a whirlpool, so that his body was firmly attached to the roof of the car,aluminum tile edge trim, no matter what the police car did, it would not affect him at all. Through the roof of the car, Qi Yue clearly heard the two people in the car talking. This time he came to find Lu Bing. He has not been in contact with Lu Bing since he lost the ancient monster period under the effect of the reincarnation fruit. Remembering what happened to Wen Ting, Qi Yue was filled with a sense of guilt for the girls who had had a close relationship with him, so when Qi Yue buried the sadness of [Infinite Novel Network] deeply, he had decided to protect the girls who had a relationship with him as much as possible from any harm, first of all, he thought of it. It's two girls who haven't been in touch for a while. One is the plant soul who has lost the ability to speak, and the other is Lu Bing. Speaking of, whether it is the plant soul or Lu Bing, they all have a very poor life experience, Lu Bing is even an orphan without parents, after coming to the Republic of Yan and Huang, she has a new life, but Qi Yue is very clear, tile profile factory ,stainless steel tile edge trim, in the heart of Lu Bing, has always been so lonely and cold, she needs more than just plain life, at the same time, She also needs someone to warm her cold heart. At the thought of Lu Bingbing, Qi Yue inevitably sounded the two intimate contacts between him and Lu Bingbing at the beginning, and he could not help feeling a little hot in his heart, especially when he saw the ice that had been incarnated as the overlord flower last time, the emotion of the ice from his heart was firmly imprinted in his memory, in his heart, in fact, he had already regarded Lu Bingbing as his own woman, but he was afraid that they could not accept it. That's why he didn't express his love, but now it's different. After Wen Ting happened, Qi Yue never wanted to see his woman go away from him again, so he went out of his way to find Lu Bing this time. From the inner point of view, although he and Lu Bing did not have a real relationship, but for this woman, Qi Yue is more desire than emotion. In other words, it should be the fusion of desire and pity. Shang Bing, you don't have to work so hard. You can't do this in the future. Now you have been promoted to the level of deputy director of the sub-bureau, and you are also a cadre at the deputy department level. If you take the lead in every mission, won't you shame us men? Inside the car, a man's voice rang out, in which there was poison, a bit of spoiling and a bit of dissatisfaction.
"I don't need you to take care of my business, I have already said, I am me, you are you, there is no relationship between us, can I let my subordinates rush ahead when carrying out the task?"? What kind of leader is that? Speaking of this, the police car suddenly braked and stopped at the roadside. All right, get out of the car. I have official business to carry out. You can take a taxi to go back. The man said with a wry smile, "Bing, we have known each other for a long time. Don't you understand my mind?"? Why can't you just give me a chance and give yourself a chance? We're a match for each other in every way. "It's not up to you to decide whether to match or not," Lu said lightly. "I've had a boyfriend for a long time, and you saw him last time." Chapter 214 the gratitude of the plant soul (part two). The man stubbornly said: "As long as you are not married, I still have a chance.". What's more, such a long time has passed, you are busy carrying out the task every day, I have never seen that person come to you, even did not call you, ice, you do not perfunctory me, if you have any difficulties, just tell me. You broke up with me for him, but what about him? Where is he? Maybe he has already given up on you or has a new lover. Can't you give me another chance? I have passed the barrier of Taklamakan. Although I did not get the Diamond Guardian Medal of the same level as him, I believe that my power will never be worse than his. After listening to the man's voice twice in a row, Qi Yue immediately recognized that this was the Liyang who wanted to compete with him last time. When he met last time,metal trim manufacturers, Qi Yue felt that his strength was very unusual. This time, he had passed the triple test of Taklimakan. It seems that his strength should not be inferior to that of Ji De. He is so infatuated that he hasn't given up for such a long time. Can you give him the ice? No, never.