A record of survival in the last days

Just as the time on the individual tactical detection glasses jumped to twelve o'clock a strange sound suddenly came from a distance Then they only saw thirteen beams of light more dazzling than the sun which rose into the air and made the whole sky incandescent The brilliance was so strong that it seemed that even the sky had been poked out one by one and all the clouds were evaporated by the strong beam of light and disappeared without a trace And even the brilliance of the sun was completely covered by these incandescent lights which made it look extremely dim This is the first stage of a nuclear bomb explosion-light radiation! Light radiation also known as thermal radiation is the high temperature flame produced by the explosion of nuclear bombs and its temperature has reached an unimaginable level So objects within a few kilometers of the detonation point whether they are reinforced concrete or walking corpses will be vaporized in an instant after being illuminated by these bright lights The blazing white light produced by the hot flames can even blind the eyes of all survivors who witness the white light within hundreds of kilometers Ah "My eyes!" "What's going on" "Help!" Sure enough at the moment when the strong light was shining there was also a burst of screams and whines coming from the gathering place in Chongqing Because even though it's daytime that glare from a nuclear explosion is still too much for the average person to bear So in just a few moments thousands of survivors were stung by the glare their eyes aching and their Office & School Supplies eyes bursting with tears Fortunately they are far enough away from the center of the nuclear explosion that the strong light has been reduced a lot in the process of transmission otherwise most of the tens of millions of survivors will not see anything for the rest of their lives after the baptism of the strong light Boom! "Boom! Boom!" "Boom! Boom!" It was not until long after the bright light arrived that the deafening roar of the nuclear bomb explosion came Hearing the explosion like thousands of thunder the whole gathering place in Chongqing suddenly fell into a panic By this time even if the survivors were idiots they would have noticed something was wrong Quite! Quiet "Everyone stay where they are at once or they will be dealt with by military law!" "Stop it all!" Looking at the slowly chaotic situation the generals in the gathering place of Chongqing began to come out with their troops to maintain order Now is the most critical moment and there must be no chaos in Chongqing It has to be said that these generals still have a certain ability to maintain stability and soon under the "stability" of the army the entire Chongqing gathering place once again returned to calm But many people's faces still showed a trace of fear looking very uneasy On the other hand Zhou Yulong has long shifted his attention from the gathering place in Chongqing to the center of the nuclear explosion A strong man like Zhou Yulong has gradually stepped into the realm where everything in the world can be a teacher so the explosion of nuclear weapons also has great reference significance for him After all he also has fire element energy and radiation energy in his body If he changes a little China Manufacturers although he still can't make an attack like a nuclear explosion it's not entirely impossible to raise his combat effectiveness by half a grade "Good strong light" took off the individual tactical detection glasses Zhou Yulong looked directly at the strong beam of light in front of him with the naked eye With the intensity of his body now these beams are dazzling but they can no longer hurt his eyes Therefore Zhou Yulong watched the process of nuclear bomb explosion from beginning to end Recalling the scene of the beam of light from point to surface and then rendering the whole sky Zhou Yulong narrowed his eyes thoughtfully and his mind began to quickly outline scenes of how to use this light explosion ability against the enemy It is not difficult for him to make a bright light! As long as he practices a little he can use this light explosion ability in battle! "Boom boom boom!" However the light radiation is only the first step to show the power of the nuclear explosion as the thirteen bright white light filled the world the dense and boundless sea of corpses was suddenly cleared out of the thirteen huge holes
Only by visual observation Zhou Yulong can be sure that in this moment the number of zombies gasified by white light is absolutely no less than one million However although the power of light radiation is enormous it is the terrorist shock wave caused by the nuclear explosion that really causes severe damage to the sea of corpses Accompanied by a deafening roar a powerful shock wave carrying endless debris and dust like a terrible dragon raged around Wherever the dragon passed whether it was zombies mutant beasts or tall buildings and cars all of them were completely rolled up by the strong shock wave like the wind Packaging & Printing sweeping leaves and then twisted into pieces became part of the shock wave and continued to rage around It was not until he saw this scene that Zhou Yulong realized how different the power of the real nuclear bomb was from that of the small nuclear bomb he detonated that day In just a few seconds the endless sea of black corpses seemed to have been gnawed by a huge monster and thirteen huge and still expanding open spaces appeared In the middle of the open space there was nothing beyond the deep scorch marks whether zombies or buildings which were completely destroyed in an instant And the most terrible thing is that because the detonation position and detonation power of the thirteen nuclear bombs were carefully designed and placed by the professionals of the fifth unit after the detonation the huge shock wave was immediately divided into several sequences and then combined into one in the shape of a Chinese character once again causing secondary damage to the huge sea of corpses The place where the huge earth dragon passed the dense sea of corpses was like a ploughed field and gullies appeared one by one And each gully represents tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of zombies torn to pieces by the terrible shock wave Fuck! Didn't Fang Ye say that the shock wave would not spread here "" However before Zhou Yulong could recover from the terrible power of the nuclear bomb explosion the next scene made him exclaim and his whole body broke out in a cold sweat