Rona pushed open the door of the safe passage and the voice control light came on. Rona didn't see anyone, but her cell phone was still ringing, and the lead singer was singing in a hoarse voice. Everytime that I look in the mirror. (Every time I look in the mirror) All these lines on my face getting' clearer. The wrinkles on the face are becoming more and more obvious. The past is gone. (The past is far away) It went by like dusk to dawn. Fade away like night into dawn Rona followed the song down and soon smelled the thick smell of smoke. Turning a corner, I saw a dark black figure sitting alone on the steps smoking. I know what nobody knows. (I understand that no one will know) Where it comes & where it goes. Where it comes from and where it goes I know it's everybody's sin. It is everyone's sin. U got to lose to know how to win. You don't know how to beat it. "Wu Ze?" Rona quickened her pace and walked up to him. "What are you doing here?"? What are you doing? Do you know how long we've been looking for you? The mobile phone was finally disconnected because no one answered for a long time, and the world fell into peace again. Cigarette butts were piled all over the floor. Wu Ze is like a living fossil, smoking slowly. Rona took out the notice of critical illness. Look at this. The hospital took this. Wu Ze's eyes moved slightly and fell on the thin piece of paper. After glancing at it casually, he drew a pen from Rona's hand and signed his name on the notice. Give it to them. His voice was unusually hoarse. Rona stared at the paper in her hand. You're signing it? "Or what?" Rona went upstairs, stopped on two steps, and gave the notice to Wu Ze. You go and give it. Wu Ze grinned and remained motionless. The smile made Rona inexplicably angry. You go and give it! Aerosmith's music is particularly bleak at a time when they are arguing over meaningless things and the familiar melody is playing again. Rona was so emotional that she picked up the mobile phone on the ground. You don't answer it, do you! If you don't answer it, I'll answer it for you! The caller on the phone was "Sister Liu",PET bottle Mold, but Rona didn't realize that this was the nanny. Wu Ze looked at Luo Na aggressively connected the phone, as if to have a big fight, but did not have three seconds of kung fu, suddenly covered his mouth and squatted down. All her essence turned into tears and left her body. Wu Ze gazed at her for a moment, crumpled the notice with the most ruthless force,juice filling machine, and threw it downstairs. He stood up and looked at Rona with red eyes and a frosted, almost delirious voice. He's an idiot, and so are you. Luo Na raised her head and stared at Wu Ze with blood in her eyes. What did you say Wu Ze repeated it again. How dare you say that again?! Rona cursed so loudly that the voice control on the fourth floor lit up. Wu Ze only saw a flash of darkness in front of his eyes, and then a burning pain came from his left cheek. Rona never hesitates to beat people. Son of a bitch You son of a bitch! Wu Ze pulled the corners of his mouth, "I also think so, I am a bastard, what can you do with me?" He hoped that Rona would give him another punch, but Rona's strength ran out, CSD filling line ,plastic bottle making machine, and the emotion suppressed the madness again, and she began to cry again. Wu Ze would rather have a fight than listen to a woman's cry. So he left. He didn't bother to issue a death certificate or contact the funeral home, and he left like a bastard, as she scolded him. Follow-up things are done by Rona, she went back to find the nanny, the nanny is also crying, it is not easy to comfort each other to stop the tears, but when she went to the ward and saw Uncle Wang's body, she could not control it.
Such a thin old man, with his unworthy disciples for half a lifetime, did not live a good day. What did he mean by pulling her at the end? Rona couldn't help but think. At that time, he could not speak, and pulling her was like a last word. It's too late for the funeral home to come. I'm going to come tomorrow morning. Rona asked the nanny to go back to rest, and she sat on the bench that she had been reluctant to touch before, and spent the whole night holding a wake for Uncle Wang. During this period, Duan Yucheng called again. Rona took it. When Duan Yucheng heard her say "Hello", he immediately stopped what he wanted to say and asked her, "What's wrong with you?" Rona said it was okay. Duan Yucheng asked, "Are you crying?" Rona sat up a little, held her phone away, and cleared her throat. Duan Yucheng asked, "What happened?" Rona still says it's okay. Duan Yucheng was quiet for a while and did not speak. Rona asked him, "What's the matter with you?"? Been on the phone all night. "No." Duan Yucheng said with a smile, "It's nothing, just tell you that everything is going well." "That's good," Rona said softly. Duan Yucheng said: "Then I hang up and you have a good rest." "That." Remembering one thing temporarily, Rona lowered her head and said,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, "I'm sorry. I had a bad attitude just now. Don't be affected by it. Come on in the game." Duan Yucheng almost cried when he heard her apologize. I know. I'm fine. You can rest assured. This is the last call of the night. Rona's cell phone is dead. The moon is dark and the wind is high. Duan Yucheng stood alone on the narrow and deep path. From time to time, the buzz of summer insects came from the mountain forest. Duan Yucheng put away his cell phone, sniffed and took two deep breaths. It's all right. It's all right if you say it's all right! He encouraged himself.