We all know that communication is indispensable nowadays. Stay Rod Stay Plate is an important part of the communication network and plays an important role for the smoothness of our communication. Power fittings are used to connect and combine various types of power systems. The device is mainly used as an accessory to transmit electrical load, mechanical load, and protection; let's take a look at the requirements of the materials used with the manufacturer? It is mainly based on the overall requirements, mainly:
1. Good materials should be used and meet the specified requirements. In addition to some regulations, the line iron products cannot be welded or forged;
2. For iron products, except for nuts and cable hooks that can be electro-galvanized in the product standard, all other requirements are hot-dip galvanized. The thickness of the galvanizing is not less than 65渭m, and the galvanized layer should be firmly attached to the surface of the iron. , The corresponding zinc adhesion amount is not less than 460g/銕? and there should be no pores, peeling, bubbles, cracks, zinc deficiency defects;
3. The size of the material is required, and the straightness of the product should not exceed 0.5% of its length;
4. Random inspection tests should be carried out for materials in batches, which should be carried out after the routine inspection is qualified, and no less than 6 pieces. The number of samples for random inspection is 0.5% of each batch of products;
5. If one of the materials or products in the random inspection test does not meet a requirement, it should be taken twice from the same batch to test the unqualified item. If there is still one that does not meet the specified requirements, this batch of materials is not qualified. Qualified products should be changed to another batch and then spot-checked and experimented to make fittings;
6. If the manufactured products are unqualified in weight, they can be weighed one by one;
7. Some materials should meet the requirements in terms of tensile strength, damage load, and waterproof.China Stay Wire Assembly Fittings factory