What does it mean that the Church of the Holy Spirit dares to appear directly in the sun? It means that they are no longer worried about being discovered, whether they belong to the Three Kingdoms of Douro Mainland or Shrek Academy, they are no longer in their eyes. This also means that the RrìMoon Empire may not be able to resist. The Holy Spirit Sect is entirely composed of powerful evil soul masters, who complement the RrMoon Empire, which is good at soul guides. Once the war starts, can the three countries that originally belong to the mainland of Douro still stop it? Since the appearance of the Dragon Emperor Dou Luo Long Xiaoyao, Poseidon Pavilion has decided that the Shrek Monitoring Group will suspend all actions against the Holy Spirit Sect. We can't let the students and teachers die in vain! There have been many meetings about the Church of the Holy Spirit. What does an extreme Douro mean? Although Tangmen people are reluctant to admit it, they know very well that the existence of Dragon Emperor Dou Luo Long Xiaoyao is equivalent to suppressing the whole Shrek Academy! Xuan Lao's practice time is twice as long as before. Huo Yuhao even heard Xiao Xiao say that because of the haste of C cāo, Xuan Lao once almost went crazy. Isn't this Poseidon Lord just to be able to break through to the extreme level of Douro as early as possible and compete with the dragon? But can it really compete? Even Xuan Lao has become an extreme Douro. But the Dragon Emperor Douro, who is as famous as Mu Lao, has advanced to the limit not in a day or two. It is even more difficult for Xuan Lao to defeat him. Xuan Lao once said that the strength of Long Xiaoyao was even above the poison of the suzerain of the noumenon clan. I'm afraid no one dares to refute that he is the strongest man in the mainland. The atmosphere in the room seemed a little depressing, and the appearance of the Holy Spirit Church was no longer the problem of a competition for young senior soul masters from all over the mainland. It's about the pattern of the whole continent! Although Shrek Academy is located in the center of the intersection of the three empires, it is backed by the Star Forest. But in the event of war, can Shrek Academy stay out of it? That's obviously impossible. Xu Sanshi said in a deep voice, "If only we could have been born twenty years earlier." Almost everyone is convinced of his words. Although they are the best among the younger generation. But after all,ultrasonic spray nozzle, they are too young, which leads to the limit of their cultivation. Compared with those super-strong people who can really influence the trend of war, they are still far from it. With the help of Wang Donger, Beibei looks much better. He reluctantly raised his hand, took out the gold medal that the princess had given him for a long time before, and handed it to Huo Yuhao beside the bed. Yu Hao. Go to find Princess Jiujiu. Tell her our judgment and believe that with her cleverness,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, she will understand the seriousness of the situation. And stick to our original plan. Time and tide wait for no man. Even if it's urgent, there's nothing we can do about it. People represent Tangmen to participate in this competition, but it is of practical significance, not simply to promote Tangmen. The development of any clan. Can't live without two things. One is the strength of their own. The other is money. Tangmen is far from strong now, but with the support of Shrek Academy behind them, they are located in Shrek City, and there is no need to worry about the safety of Zongmen. So. What is needed to make Zongmen develop steadily and even at a high speed for a long time? Nature is money. No matter Xuan Ziwen studies the Horcrux. Or buy all kinds of rare metals, which is free? In this case, Tangmen needs more partners. Although Shrek City is big, it is inland after all, and the possibility of war is very small. Although Shrek Academy helps Tangmen develop in an all-round way, ultrasonic dispersing machine ,ultrasonic dispersion machine, it is impossible to buy too many Horcruxes. But Shrek Academy doesn't need much, someone does! This time, in addition to making Tangmen famous, they are looking for more partners to promote Tangmen's products. The Xingluo Empire and the Tianhun Empire are undoubtedly the biggest goals of Tangmen. As soon as I arrived today, I met Princess Jiujiu, and I had a good start. It was a good start for all the people in Tangmen. Beibei originally planned to wait for everyone to get a certain result in the competition, and then go to find Princess Jiujiu to talk about it in detail. However, the emergence of the Holy Spirit disrupted the original subordinates. The existence of the Holy Spirit Sect, from another point of view, is good for them to promote Tangmen products.
Although the appearance of Tang Ya made Beibei confused, he was still the elder brother of Tangmen after all, and immediately judged how to maximize the benefits. At this time, some news of the Holy Spirit Church will be told to the Xingluo Empire, which will undoubtedly gain more friendship from Princess Jiujiu. And then sell the soul guide produced by Tangmen, which is bound to get twice the result with half the effort. Of course, deep cooperation is not so easy, but a good start is enough for this contact. Huo Yuhao took the gold medal, nodded and said, "Well, I'll go now.". Big brother, you have a good rest. "Don't worry," said Xu Sanshi. "I'll take care of him." Beibei said angrily, "Don't be angry with me." Xu Sanshi surprisingly did not bicker with him, "OK, hurry to sleep for a while.". Everyone went back to their rooms to have a rest. The room is so small, and there are so many of us, the air is not good. They left Beibei and Xu Sanshi's room one after another, watching everyone leave, and Beibei closed his eyes wearily. In his mind, Tang Ya's blank and dull eyes kept wandering. Xiaoya.. Beibei's pale face showed a faint smile, but at this moment, no one knew what he was thinking. It is not difficult to find a place where Xingluo National College lives. With the status of Princess Jiujiu and the excellent results of Xingluo National College in the last competition, they are also placed on a higher floor, but not the best top floor. When Huo Yuhao saw Princess Jiujiu with the gold medal under the leadership of the team members of the Royal Academy of Xingluo, the princess was sitting on the sofa with a livid face. Seeing Wang Donger pushing Huo Yuhao's wheelchair into the room, his face immediately returned to normal. What are you doing here? Xu looked doubtfully at Huo Yuhao,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, who nodded to her for a long time. Huo Yuhao did not answer her question. Instead, he said, "Xingluo Imperial National College can only live in the second grade room. I don't know what kind of people live in the first grade." 。