The question seems very simple, as if everyone understands it. But for customers who are preparing to build

a new carton factory, it is very difficult to choose the machine. They don't know the difference and what

to choose.So, for this situation, I would like to share my views here:

--The slotting unit in carton flexographic box machine is the work of slotting corrugated board and

pressing lines at the same time. The slotting size can be set in the slotting unit according to the size of the

carton you want to make. In this way, the corrugated cardboard will be crimped and slotted in the slotting unit

after printing. In this way, you can get a conventional carton, such as fruit box, furniture box, food

outsourcing packing, etc. Slotting unit cannot do die cutting.

--The die-cutting unit in the carton flexo machine, also known as rotary die cutting, is the work of die-

cutting corrugated board. Usually, wood die is used in the die-cutting unit to die-cut the printed paperboard.

Wood die are customized according to carton drawings. Therefore, for an order used one wood die and it mainly

produces irregular cartons, that is, special-shaped cartons. The common ones are gift boxes or punching holes

in conventional cartons. Die cutting unit can complete the work of slotting.

Carton printing slotting

die cutting machine
has a very special advantage, that is, the printing group, slotting group and die-

cutting group can be combined freely, because there are different habits and configuration requirements, some

customers choose printing + slotting; Some customers choose printing + die cutting; Some customers choose

printing + slotting + die cutting.

Full Atuomatic Carton Printing Slotting Die Cutting Machine Features

Full Atuomatic Carton Printing Slotting Die Cutting machine is designed and made

to high quality and safety standard,with the advantages of high speed, auto control and quick order shift.

·Auto high quality materials and parts.

·Well hardened and ground transmission gears, hardness more than 60(HRC).

·Auto zero return and auto reset.

·Use expansion sets tight link to reduce abrasion of the shaft,keep precision of the machine for long


·All cylinders and rollers are chromed plated for ideal hardness.

·PLC control system with touch screen control.

·Able to save order,speed up the order shift.

·All electronic and pneumatic components are with European standards.

·Lead edge feeder or kick feeder is for choice.

What Is A Carton Folder Gluer Machine?

Carton Folder Gluer Machines are an

integral part of the packaging industry. They are utilised by companies all over the world to produce high

quality packaging quickly and efficiently. This packaging can be in a number of different materials including

corrugated paper and cardboard, which can be pre-branded if desired to ensure maximum exposure for the brand

during the delivery phase of its operations.

As the packaging sector is such a large one, it is unsurprising that there are many different folder-gluer

machines available to suit different company and packaging needs. Common equipment available includes automatic

corrugated paper box pasting machines, automatic paper box pasting machines, semi-automatic box pasting

machines and fully automatic box window pasting machines. This equipment can be set to allow many different

size boxes to be made, depending on the particular product being sold and the packaging requirements for it.

Folder-glue machines offer several advantages. As well as being suitable for producing a wide range of box

sizes, they can also operate at high speed, ensuring an efficient production process which allows products to

be packaged up and distributed quickly. High production yields as well as high quality outputs also mean that

the machines are great value for money. The machines are easy to operate, with paper feeders ensuring that

paper is always fed into the system correctly to guarantee productivity. These machines are also built with

high-yield use in mind meaning that they are extremely durable too.