"I found it, Yang Peng, he's here!" Fortunately, a woman's voice came to my ear. Is it? ' It was a man's voice again, but Yang Haoxuan felt that his tone seemed very uncomfortable. And I don't know why, but I'm not happy with him. Later, Yang Haoxuan felt that the woman just squatted beside him and could smell the delicate fragrance faintly. Check his body with both hands, which makes him feel much relieved. He was attacked by a wolf. We should have shouted all the way and scared the wolf away! The woman's voice sounded again, and then she groped from the body of the movement: "Fortunately, with the healing medicine!" " "Wait!" But at that moment, the man's voice sounded, hesitated for a moment, and continued: "Let's, let's leave him alone." Yang Haoxuan suddenly trembled in his heart, 'Don't. 'Don't. 'These words only made his lips move. How can this be? Fortunately, the woman immediately refused. Ruolan! It's for our own good! We are childhood sweethearts, but Yang Haoxuan relies on his father is the patriarch, to you to do that kind of thing, unexpectedly also let you and he engaged! And he is a Dantian broken waste, if you save him back, you will regret it later! On the contrary. If there is no rescue,potassium sulphate fertilizer, everything will be fine, won't it? We can be together! This man seems to be very annoying to Yang Haoxuan, and his vicious words are not guilty at all. This Most let Yang Haoxuan worry, this woman actually hesitated! A feeling of insecurity emerged. Don't hesitate! If we wait for someone else to find it, we will waste this opportunity! He got separated on his own. He won't get us into trouble. "Do you want to marry a loser and be laughed at?" The male voice urged. In the darkness, Yang Haoxuan could not see anything, but he could feel that the woman just heard this and suddenly stood up. Moments later, his fears were realized. OK Fine The woman's voice became weak and trembling,Magnesium Sulphate producer, showing her master's uneasiness at this time. Uh The man was ecstatic immediately, and Yang Haoxuan only heard him step forward, grab the woman's hand, and run away. No, no.. Anxious Yang Haoxuan finally weak shout out two sentences, but others have already gone away. Finally unwilling to close his eyes, again fainted in the past. After do not know how long, Yang Haoxuan woke up again, is still weak, lying on the cold ground. But this time, he was able to move. Eyes opened smoothly, a little blurred at first, and then gradually clear. I don't have the mind to take care of where I am, so I just want to see what's wrong with my body. But now I can move, Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer ,Magnesium Oxide powder, but it's very hard to move my arms. Suddenly, the moving left hand touched a strange thing, small and round. Yang Haoxuan finally got a look at his eyes and found that it was a black pill. After thinking about it for a while, Yang Haoxuan suddenly remembered the healing medicine that the woman had just said. Could it be that she dropped it? Either way, it's a death sentence. Yang Haoxuan immediately put the pill into his mouth, did not expect the appearance of hard pills, into the mouth on the melt, into a warm current swept from the throat into the body. Immediately, Yang Haoxuan felt as if he had taken a panacea, and his body gradually became stronger. It's amazing! It seems that medical treatment has not developed to this point yet. Yang Haoxuan secretly ate a surprised, then take care of their own place, found that as expected before, lying on the land, among the mountains and forests. There are big trees in front of us, and the trees are lush, but they block most of the sunshine. Why am I here? A little better Yang Haoxuan asked himself: "I remember playing online games at home!" " Suddenly! The fragments of the previous memory were rehearsed again when he was in good health. Moments later, Yang Haoxuan's expression was extremely rich. Shit! I crossed over!? Finally, Yang Haoxuan lacked confidence and shouted hoarsely, which was extremely unpleasant. It was at this time that he felt much better and could sit up. He looked down and found his robe stained with blood. It turned out that the waist had been bitten by something, and the flesh and blood were blurred. Fortunately, it did not hurt the vital part, so the bleeding stopped after a while. Yang Haoxuan also slowly woke up. Soon, he remembered the matter of crossing again. Yes, the memory in my mind is the best evidence.
It records all kinds of things about the world. For an otaku, Yang Haoxuan is still very familiar with the crossing, but also very eager. So he immediately looked at the memory in his mind. As he thought, this is a continent where the strong are respected. The name of the continent is Tianhe Continent. It is said that at the top of the world, there is a Tianhe River across it. Will be able to become immortal, immortal, the body does not change. This is also the reason why many people practice martial arts. As for who Yang Haoxuan is now. Yang Haoxuan. The unfortunate fellow had the same name as him, and he was shocked and even angry when he remembered his life story. Strictly speaking, before Yang Haoxuan is a playboy, or the kind of very excessive. In his previous life, he belonged to the rich second generation or the official second generation that Yang Haoxuan reviled. Bully the weak and rob the women of the people! And so on people and gods are indignant deeds, let Yang Haoxuan is very sigh this guy has not died in the anger of people. Thanks to the fact that he has a father. The Great Yan Dynasty is his country, and his family is the first of the four great families in the Dynasty. His father is a very good existence and loves him very much. That's why he's still alive. Damn, it's a good thing I'm not called Li Gang, otherwise it would be too funny! Think of just now those are now their own, Yang Haoxuan wry smile. Suddenly, Yang Haoxuan could not help but think of the men and women who had just done nothing to save them, and wanted to see who they were, looking for memories according to their voices, and immediately there was a result. It turned out that the woman just now was called Yang Ruolan, an ordinary disciple of his Yang family. Because of her beauty, the beast took a fancy to her and forced her to marry her. Later, in order to settle the matter, the Yang family betrothed her to her. The man is also an ordinary disciple of the family,Magnesium Oxide powder, with Yang Ruolan childhood sweethearts, and then out of that thing, wish to kill Yang Haoxuan. No wonder that man and woman just now!.