Hearing Su Xingyue's words, Aina suddenly laughed as if she had heard a big joke. This newcomer, who has just started her career, dares to say that she is Mrs. Nan! "Nan Zong, you listen, this woman is crazy, unexpectedly said that he is Mrs. Nan, you let her out quickly!" In a twinkling of an eye, Aina took advantage of the situation to sit in the arms of Nan Yuling. Said angrily 。 And just as she was about to sit on Nan Yuling, the man finally couldn't help but reach out his hand in disgust and push her away without pity. Ina was ready to sit in his arms, but did not expect to be so pushed by him, the body directly fell on the floor at his feet. She did not expect to be such a result, embarrassed to look up to the south Yu Ling, still do not give up said. Nan Zong. It hurts so much when you push her. Listening to the coquettish words of the woman in front of him, Nan Yuling's handsome face showed a bit of disgust. Strange to say, when Su Xingyue sat in his arms and acted like a spoiled child, every pore of his body was comfortable, and he wanted to promise her everything! But at this moment, for the woman in front of me. Not only did he not feel comfortable,MBR reactor, but. In my heart, besides the feeling of disgust, there is only anger. My wife told you to get out, didn't you hear? He frowned and said with great displeasure. His goal has been achieved, and this woman is no longer useful. After Nan Yuling's voice fell, Aina sat on the ground, and the whole person was silly. Forced 。“ Nan Zong. She.. He just said,wall penstocks, his wife? Is Su Xingyue really Mrs. Nan? How is this possible.. She's just an actor like them. "Three seconds, get out of here, or." Seeing that the woman had no intention of leaving, Nan Yuling's voice was a little more cruel. Hearing Nan Yuling's words, Aina was frightened to tremble, unwilling to take a look at Su Xingyue, or honestly climbed up from the floor, wiped tears and ran out. As soon as Ina left, the office was finally quiet. Su Xingyue stood not far from the door, took a look at Nan Yuling, and suddenly felt a little unhappy. She did not expect to see such a good show today. If she hadn't just come today, who knows what would have happened. Thinking about it, she was in a panic. After grinding her teeth, she turned to go. Seeing her turn around, rapid sand filters ,fine bubble diffuser, the man who was still sitting on the chair got up quickly and chased him to the door with his long legs. The long arm blocked her way. Where are you going? He asked her with concern. Go home Su Xingyue glanced at him and said grumpily. Go home? Hearing her words, Nan Yuling frowned. Aren't you looking for me for something? "It's all right now. You can keep busy." Only then did she realize that he, the big boss, would be so busy. Not only busy working, but also busy dealing with women. However, Nan Yuling's arm was still blocking the door, and he still had no intention of letting her go. Get out of the way. I'm leaving. She glared at him and said angrily. Faced with her anger, Nan Yuling's face was full of joy. The color of excitement. Su Xingyue, I smell sour. Inky eyes, looking at her with light. He was sure that she had just.. I'm jealous of him! He has been waiting for this day for a long time. Chapter 265 of the main text. He waited so long, and finally. He waited for this moment. Sour? "If there's something wrong with your nose, let Yi Feng find a doctor to look at it for you. Don't block my way home." Listening to his words, Su Xingyue did not react for a moment, but said angrily. Looking at the angry woman in front of him, Nan Yuling's handsome and extraordinary face was full of joy. The long arm waved directly and closed the door of the office. Then, stretching out his arms, he picked up the restless woman and strode into the office. Su Xingyue was startled and hurriedly twisted and struggled. What are you doing? Let go of me! But he was indifferent, holding her with long legs, striding back to the desk, holding her and sitting on the chair together. He let her sit in her arms, holding her restlessly with his big hand.
? "You let go of me, I want to go home!" She struggled discontentedly to get off him, but inadvertently saw the button on his suit jacket that had been unbuttoned. She remembered that it had just been Ina's hand on his chest. At the time of leading him Take the opportunity to untie it! Seeing this, she was even more angry! She didn't know why she was so angry, but she was so angry that she couldn't stop. In the face of her anger, he not only did not have any impatience, but was very happy to appreciate her angry appearance. Heh. His woman, even when she is jealous, is so lovely. The angrier she gets.. In his heart, the happier he was. Because it means that she cares about him and really regards him as her man, her husband! …… Su Xingyue struggled for a long time, Nan Yuling not only did not let her go, but tightened his arms and hugged her more tightly. And when she raised her head, it was the handsome face that did not control her emotions at all and was full of excitement. He seems very happy? "Don't touch me where you've touched other women!" She resisted his embrace. Just now Ina's hand, stuck to his suit, almost touched his chest through his clothes. And he, sitting there motionless and unresponsive, let Aina act as if she did not exist. At the thought of that picture, Su Xingyue wanted to leave this place immediately. Her voice fell, and Nan Yuling frowned slightly. Where you've touched other women? Following her line of sight, it was the suit on his body. The next moment, he suddenly emptied a hand, took off his suit with a big hand,Rotating sludge scraper, and threw it into the trash can without hesitation. Are you satisfied? …… His action, let Su Xingyue be stunned, have nothing to say for a moment.