Time to do it! Ye Feng controlled the dark mermaid, slowly moved forward, looked at the time interface: 0:27:37 in the morning, there are seven minutes, the dark mermaid will be out of their control, must hurry up! At a slight glance at the head of the mermaid queen, Ye Feng estimated that her remaining HP would never exceed 3000 points! However, in more than three minutes, they lost more than 10,000 points of HP. It seems that the state of serious injury has greatly weakened the defense of the Mermaid Queen. Summon Mam! Ye Feng summoned an elf who could use a slight healing effect, and his right hand pinched a pale blue staff of protection. Come on, mermaid! Under the command of Ye Feng, the dark mermaid swam at the bottom of the water. Suddenly, it floated from the bottom of the water less than two meters away from a mage. A dark rainstorm hit the mage directly on his head. -120! "Where did Xiaoguai come from?"! Someone help me clear it! The sorcerer just hit a hell blast, and 2 seconds of stiffness made him stiff and unable to move, so he had to turn to his teammates for help. I'll come The nearest archer immediately shot an arrow at the dark mermaid. The archer's attack power was not very good, especially in the face of the dark mermaid, a monster of the undead with high HP, which often needed more than ten hits, so his purpose was just to draw the mermaid away. -45。 Race attributes of the phase of restriction,horse weight tape, ordinary attacks only caused 45 points of damage to the mermaid, archers did not care, the seriously injured mermaid queen is dying, there is no need to kill Xiaoguai, as long as the dark mermaid away from the mage, soon solve the mermaid queen, we can go back. This was undoubtedly the right and convenient choice, but,cattle weight tape, for a moment, something happened that made the archer and the mage confused. -125! Another rain and fog hit the mage on the head, and the dark mermaid who was attacked had no intention of leaving. Damn it, what fish? The archer looked incredulous. Could it be that the ordinary attack he had just used was so light that he didn't even eat mermaids? "A knowing blow!" Archers can not help but slightly angry, a Xiaoguai unexpectedly also ignore their own attacks? Let you see the real power! The strongest single attack skill of a level 49 archer. MISS! -130! Third, the rain and fog hit the mage on the head, so that the already anemic mage almost lost half of his life, and the archer's arrow, unexpectedly did not hit! Dodge! To be exact, it was not the dodge after the attack, but the moment the archer's arrow was shot, the mermaid was already moving! Not only that, after attacking the mage, she also flapped her flexible tail fin provocatively to the rear, Adhesive fish ruler ,Fish measuring board, as if to show the incompetent attacker that she could predict his thoughts! Is this a mermaid or a loach! Why are your hands so bad today? The archer was thoroughly annoyed, and his temper was not very good. Faced with the almost molesting action of an inferior monster, he completely forgot for a moment what he should do most to rescue his mage teammates. A melee mage is vulnerable, not only because of its low defense, but also because it is interrupted from time to time by spells that are being chanted. Sometimes, once a mage is melee, it is almost equivalent to a useless person. Hurry up! My potion ran out when I hit the King of the Dark Hills just now! The Dharma Master was in a hurry. No wonder, no matter who was scraped nearly half in the blood trough before he found that there was no bottle of physical strength potion on his body, he would be like an ant on a hot pan. Small fire, don't hit first, go over and throw a bottle of liquid medicine to Feiyang! While attacking the mermaid queen, Xiu was distracted and forgot to remind Feiyang, who had always been forgetful, to check the potion, which was entirely his own mistake, and as a captain, he naturally knew the temperament of his men best. Yes, boss! The archer, who was called a small fire, suddenly reacted, hurriedly put away the sharp arrow that had been put on the long bow, and ran quickly to the mage. After a while, another black rain hit the mage on the head. Even if the mage drank the potion, I'm afraid the speed of recovery could not compensate for the damage of being beaten.
"Shit!" Feiyang just tried to use skills to get the mermaid, but at this time no longer dare to play with fire, life value is only more than 200 points, a few times will hang up, hurriedly ran in the direction of the archer. Want to run? Looking at the blood trough remaining less than 1/3 of the bright red color of the mage, Ye Feng stood up from the hidden low-lying place. Flame of light! -100! -100! Enveloping archers and mages at the same time, the most powerful attack magic outside the Priest's Forbidden Curse, the Flame of Light of Range! "Shit, give me the blood bottle!" The mage stopped and quickly released a wall of fire while the mermaid was swimming. He was obviously not stupid, hoping that Ye Feng would not enter the range of the wall of fire, so that he would not attack himself further. Everything as early as in Ye Feng's anticipation, almost without pause, striding to catch up, stepping into the fire wall of the master, once again shrouded in holy light! -100! -100! It's not over yet! Followed by the mermaid also followed, a dark rain and fog splashed out-135! "Whoo!" The wizard let out a cry of pain and fell to the ground, bursting out a silver bracelet. Bring a control creature, and it's really different. Ye Feng, who has a dark mermaid around him, has more than doubled his attack. Volume 2:059 Priest's skill of snatching monsters · Updated: September 10, 2008 14:46:50 Words in this Chapter: 3445 "Feiyang is dead?" A fast PK, but it has been completed in an instant. From the appearance of Ye Feng to the death of the Master, it took only about two seconds,Pi tape measure, just like a skilled gardener who cut a leaf and discarded it in the garbage can while walking along the garden path. Killed! Seeing the hint that the system appeared at this time, Ah Xiu trembled in his heart and was overcast! Is it not a coincidence that the little strange mermaid appeared? Dark rain! The target of the dark rain and fog became the archer who was looking at the body of his dead companion in amazement. At the same time, Ye Feng's bright flame also burst out like a gush. tapemeasure.net