Yang Qiqi turned over lazily on the bed over there. "Of course I don't know what you said, because I wasn't born at that time.". Yes, I have been with you and your former master for three generations. There is a generation gap between us. Fang Ze was choked by the word "generation gap". "Well," he said with infinite desolation, "if my master hadn't been in seclusion and taken me with him, I might have had boundless magic. How can you bully the old-timers like this and make them change into women's clothes or something? Yang Qiqi did not continue this topic, and took her mobile phone to brush the small video. She was a little jealous and felt that what the disciple had said was exaggerated. She thought that the man in his forties, who said he was "in seclusion", was actually too lazy to make a move and hid at home. It means that you may have a bald head and a beer belly. How can you take care of Fang Ze well. But Yang Qiqi is a generous woman. Soon the vinegar was diluted and turned into professionalism. She repeatedly confirmed with Fang Ze whether the paper had been pasted, whether the eight-character registration manual had been brought with her, and whether she had forgotten the words of persuading the male ghost to open a couple's suite. Fang Ze said, master, you can rest assured that I still have this professional ethics. Moreover, the amulet under the bed was also pasted very firmly, and the glue was specially used several times. "We will be able to catch this difficult customer safely," he promised. This conversation was probably repeated ten thousand times,Pietra Gray Marble, and Yang Qiqi was relieved. Worried that Fang Ze had fallen asleep carelessly, he repeated the twenty thousand times and thirty thousand times. The two men whispered back and forth until two o'clock in the morning, when Yang Qiqi suddenly realized something was wrong. Just now, Fang Ze was able to say at least ten sentences, but now there is only "uh-huh" left. She sighed and decided to take the pillow and smash it. Before I could raise my hand, I heard snoring from the opposite side. What about professional ethics. Yang Qiqi wanted to get out of bed and wake him up. However,White Marble Mosaic, I was surprised to find that my spirit was gradually being taken away uncontrollably, and my mind suddenly fell into the clouds. She hastened to reach out her hand and pinch herself, but the tips of her fingers were as weak as if they were filled with ghee. She had never seen such a situation before. Ghost hunting requires a lot of concentration. Grandpa stressed in every way that even in the face of a ghost like a weak chicken, if you are a little sleepy and distracted, it will lead to disaster. Therefore, mental concentration is the foundation of the foundation, if this basic skill is not, simply do not eat this line of food. Yang Qiqi has also developed the ability to concentrate without carelessness at critical moments since childhood, and she recovers very quickly from being sleepy to not being sleepy. Especially when the hotel opens in the middle of the night, even if she is so sleepy that a big customer suddenly comes, she can immediately jump up and beg for consumption. I really forgot to make a divination for myself today, Granite Slab Supplier ,Artificial Marble Slabs, but how on earth did this happen? Horrified, she called out to her disciple one after another, hoping that he would wake up. However, this call, like mud cattle into the sea quietly, shouted to the end, even the strength of the mouth is not. The temperature in the room gradually dropped, and the hands were frozen inch by inch, melting the heat of the heart. Despite the heating, it seemed to stop emitting warmth for a while, and the cold after melting snow outside the window invaded the room like pawns. Outside the corridor came the sound of "Tuk Tuk Tuk", as if someone was walking quietly in the middle of the night. Yang Qiqi finally fell into the deep sea of dreams. In the dream, she stood quietly in the dormitory, looking at herself and Fang Ze sleeping, looking at the ghost overflowing through the crack of the door, and sighing with regret in a low voice: I, Yang Qiqi, used to laugh at Ying You for being a lone star and dying young, but this year I will die in a hurry at the age of 20. It's better to die in the PK with ghosts or in the process of fighting with ghosts. How can I die at the hands of a senior jumper who is one or two years older than me. I have seen a lot of ghosts in my life. I thought I was indifferent to the matter of life and death. How many times have I laughed at those ghosts who died with regret and could not be reincarnated. Who would like to turn to their own death, the heart is still unwilling. She was half naive and half sad, and one thing after another passed through her mind. Liu Shuyao still owes me several meals. Meng Qiqi also confiscated three advertising fees on Weibo. I don't know whether Grandpa will reincarnate himself or let himself continue to work when he sees his ghost state. Mom will not be lonely.
Will there be a memorial service? Can I get some ghost money at the memorial service? Then she thought of Feng yuan. Think of his clean face, slender fingers, and the recording pen turning around at the tips of his fingers. Will Feng yuan send flowers to my grave. I want some sunflowers, which are full of Yang Qi. The word "Yang Qi" sounds like Yang Qiqi. There are too many ghosts in this life. I am in contact with Yin Qi all day long. Let the warm Yang Qi roast me. If so dead, people do not know that they like sunflowers, then the probability will send chrysanthemums. The girl is in the dream, thinking about the messy things like this. I do not know when, next to a sudden figure standing, shoulder to shoulder with their own standing in the middle of the dormitory. She raised her eyes and looked at it in a trance. It was the man she had dreamed of in the love hotel before. He has a handsome face, tall stature, thick eyebrows and big eyes like engraving. With a fierce and murderous look, he held a sword tightly in his right hand, and the strange pattern on the hilt overflowed from his fingers. Like last time, I felt that the pattern was quite familiar. Yang Qiqi pointed to the ghost who had climbed onto his bed in front of him and smiled at him: "." Hey, I'm dying. I don't want to fight you right now. His pupils suddenly contracted like frosted knives. Who said you were going to die? He raised his finger and pinched the girl's face. The cold of the night seems to be able to freeze the dreamer. The dreamer rustles, originally standing in the center of the tragedy, feeling in his heart that he is facing the disaster of extinction. Suddenly,Grey Marble Slab, the man who had had a dream with him stood beside him again, two fingers with burning temperature, clearly rubbing against his face. She suddenly felt that death was not so sad. The cool night doesn't seem to be so cold. That's when.