"Someone came up with the idea," said Lei Qing. "I already have a plan. Tomorrow we'll try our luck. But brother, we have to change our appearance." Ling Duyue said, "I've learned something about transfiguration in the evening. How are the old-timers going to dress up? Just give me a command." "No wonder," said Lei Qing in his heart! He can suddenly disappear, run around, go in everywhere, and not be afraid to be discovered by others. "You can't take a sword with you, but you can't be too careless," he said. "Tomorrow, let's go to the iron shop and choose a dagger to take with us." "Don't worry about that," said Ling Duyue. "The younger generation doesn't need a sword.." But he was smart enough to stop when he saw the slip of the tongue. But already enough, to an old Jianghu such as Lei Qing such character, nature is not a point to penetrate. He thought of the death of Leng Hachiko and his subordinates, each with only a red mark on his neck. Ling Duyue wears a long sword, which is only used to deceive people. Although his swordsmanship is already exquisite, it is not his real weapon. Suddenly, Lei Qing thought of a master who appeared in Jianghu decades ago, and felt a chill on his back. But he tried his best to suppress the shock and surprise in his heart. He smiled and said, "Brother Ling,Agate Slabs Countertops, it's getting late. Let's sleep for a while. We'll have to get up early tomorrow." The sun was rising, and a golden sun shone on a tall house. At this time, the back door of the big house was already wide open, and a load of fish, meat, and vegetables all entered the big house through the back door. An old man with a slightly hunched back and a fist in front of his neck went straight to the house with a mule and two large bundles of chopped firewood. The old man was followed by a young man of twenty-five or twenty-six, with a dark face,Agate Slabs For Sale, carrying a load of firewood. The two men filed through the back door. Inside the door, there were two big men wearing waist knives. Two big men with swords, dressed in black clothes, looked like a fierce warrior, and they knew at a glance that they were Jianghu people. Listen to left only first say coldly: "Hunchback, did you go to the wrong door?" The hunchbacked old man felt the sarcoma on his neck with his left hand and said, "Isn't this the residence of the magistrate Wang?" "Yes," said the big fellow on the left, "this is the residence of the magistrate. However, Manager Zhang has not explained that firewood has been delivered today." The hunchbacked old man was taken aback and thought to himself, "It seems that it is very easy for people in the mansion to go in and out. In fact, the control is very tight. Even sending a load of firewood to the mansion has been arranged in advance." The hunchbacked old man was shocked. On the surface, he remained calm and said slowly, "Is Manager Zhang here?"? The old man saw him. The big fellow on the left waved his hand and said, White Marble Mosaic ,Porcelain Marble Slabs, "The manager is busy. How can I have time to see you.." Hearing that Manager Zhang had no time to meet him, the hunchbacked old man was in high spirits and said, "Manager Zhang is busy with his business. Maybe he forgot to tell you two. There are too many guests in the house recently. This firewood should have been sent a few days later. Tell the old man to send it earlier.." The big fellow on the left said in a low voice, "Lao Ma, tell him to send it to the kitchen."! Seventy or eighty people came to us all of a sudden, and a lot of food was added to the house. How could Manager Zhang remember these trivial things? The man on the left, surnamed Ma, nodded and pointed to a row of houses in the east. "Send them to the kitchen quickly," he said. "Get the silver and leave quickly. There are many visitors in the house. Don't stay too long." The hunchbacked old man bowed and bowed, thanked him again and again, and led the mule to the east. The black-faced young man followed the hunchbacked old man without saying a word. As we were approaching the kitchen, the young man opened his mouth and said in a low voice, "Elder, it seems that the control in the mansion is very strict. I'm afraid it's not easy for us to stay and not go out." The hunchbacked old man said, "The old man didn't expect that, but there are seventy or eighty of them, plus the servants in the mansion and the soldiers guarding the courtyard. There are always more than a hundred of them. We can find some gaps. At present, we have to act according to circumstances." In the middle of the conversation, we were already close to the kitchen. In fact, the kitchen is easy to find, because many people who deliver food and meat enter the kitchen.
When the hunchbacked old man saw the place where the firewood was piled up, he began to untie the firewood from the mule's back and said in a low voice, "Brother, there are a lot of people in the mansion. They may not all know each other. There must be a way to get in and out, or some kind of evidence." The young man put down the firewood on his shoulder and said, "What the old-timer means is.." The hunchbacked old man answered, "Find out how to contact them, and we can get in and out of this mansion. It seems that this place is their main place to stay. If we work a little harder here, we may find the real person behind the scenes." "At present, there is only one ten-thousand-year tiger, but he is only a little higher status to listen to." The young man said, "Their control seems to be very strict. Apart from using force, I'm afraid it's very difficult to get their evidence." "Be patient, brother," said the hunchbacked old man. "Don't frighten the snake. I'd rather let our plan fail and get out of here than do anything to alert him." "Should you be so careful?" Asked the young man. The hunchbacked old man looked back and said, "Yes, the old man's idea. The real man behind the scenes is not only very cunning, but also very cautious. As long as he hears the wind, he may escape. So we can't let him know that we have found out where he landed." "Is the old-timer sure he's here?" The young man whispered. The hunchbacked old man said, "It's probably not wrong. The residence of the grand fourth-grade magistrate is not a person who stays overnight in Jianghu. But it's obvious that the local magistrate is not a character in their group. But what the old man can't figure out is how a magistrate with a political voice can use the residence to receive so many Jianghu people. This should be an unbearable thing." The young man asked, "Is the person who hides behind the scenes also a man in the officialdom?" The hunchbacked old man hesitated for a moment and said, "It's not possible. If he is a man in the officialdom, how can he stay here brazenly with dozens of Jianghu people?" The young man said, "This analysis of the elder generation has enlightened the younger generation." As they talked and worked,White Marble Slabs, they piled up the wood, took the money from a steward in the kitchen, and retreated the same way.