Yunmeng Fire Dance first came to its senses and fixed its eyes on Wang Yu and the noisy crowd behind him. Sure enough, except for more than a hundred players standing neatly behind Wang Yu, who had the logo of the Heavenly Palace Guild, the rest were all free players wearing colorful armor robes and joining in the fun. Damn, I should have neglected these details because I was nervous about the martial arts masters! Yun Meng Huo Wu is indeed the vice president of the Angel Federation, although he was careless for a moment. But after a few breaths, he calmed down again. None of the people who can become the top ten players are simple-minded, even if they are only one of the top ten players. Cloud Dream Fire Dance will never lack the wisdom of contingency. He narrowed a pair of slender eyes, calmly swept Wang Yu and the people behind him, weighing the words: "The Heavenly Palace Guild wants our Angel Federation to hand over people?"? First of all, I don't know if there is any factual basis for the rumor you said, even if it is really a mistake made by our Angel Federation. It should also be punished by me, the vice president, and it seems that it is not the turn of other guilds to intervene. Cloud dream fire dance these words soft and hard, listen to the polite, carefully a taste, there is no half face left to Wang Yu. And his words did not leave any place for people to take advantage of the opportunity to get angry. If the Heavenly Palace forced people and could not produce actual evidence,garden jacuzzi tub, then public opinion and people's hearts would be biased towards the Angel Federation. Even if the Heavenly Palace could really produce the so-called evidence, Yunmeng Fire Dance also had a word in advance, and the Angel Federation would be punished internally. Cut off the excuse that the Heavenly Palace wants to intervene. For a moment, the atmosphere in the field became gloomy and dignified again. There are seven or eight hundred soldiers guarding the gate of the headquarters of the Angel Federation. And through the news released by the gang channel, the players belonging to the Angel Federation are still gathering. Wang Yu, on the other hand,outdoor whirlpool, except for the one hundred heavenly palace warriors who followed him, the remaining nearly two thousand players were all watching the scene of bustle. It was absolutely impossible for them to participate in it. After all, as a free player, no one wanted to be involved in the struggle between the first guild of Castros City and the first master of the Angel Clan. What's more, I don't know how many spies from other gangs have infiltrated into these players, as well as representatives of the major forces who want to fish in troubled waters, wishing that the Angel Federation could fight with the Heavenly Palace and take advantage of the chaos. After perceiving the tense atmosphere in the field, the players with the mentality of watching the scene of bustle have consciously pulled away from Wang Yu. Appear as a bystander outside the circle. Wang Yu did not care about the tense situation in front of him. Since childhood, the perverted old man's training has already tempered his mind very firmly, and anything can hardly shake his calm state of mind. Besides, wasn't he prepared for the situation at all? Evidence, you say? Wang Yu made a gesture to the direwolf with a sneer, China spa factory ,whirlpool bathtub, and the latter immediately handed him a copy of the information. Wang Yu raised the information in his hand and said in a cold voice: This is the latest issue of the media newspaper, which recorded the testimonies of more than 200 players interviewed. It proves that Biluo Sakura and Gui Jiu of Tomorrow's Federation will publicize negative remarks about our Heavenly Palace Guild and me in the city of Castros, and provoke the hostility of free players in the city to our guild. Can I understand this as a provocation and declaration of war against our Heavenly Palace Guild with the permission of the top level of your Angel Federation? There was no aggressive attitude, just a few simple words, which made all the Angel Federation players stunned and speechless. As Wang Yu's words finished, the Angel Federation went from cloud dream fire dance, thousand cups not drunk, to every ordinary soldier's face turned pale one by one. While thousands of players gathered outside to watch the fun, there was a buzzing sound of discussion. No one will doubt the authenticity of the media newspaper, even though it is now a subordinate organization of Tiangong, but due to the previous inertial thinking, most of the players on the scene feel that the news from the media newspaper must be authentic and credible.
What's more, there are more than 200 free players interviewed to testify that these can not all be fake, right? In addition, Wang Yu's words also very skillfully did not mention the sharp topic of the Dragon King's treasure, but only seized the negative news of the Angel Federation's Biluo Cherry Blossom and Ghost Nine spreading the Heavenly Palace Guild, stirring up the hostility of Castros City players to the martial arts masters. Such a big hat buckled down, let the cloud dream fire dance and a thousand cups not drunk, before the cloud dream fire dance said that even if the people of the Angel Federation made mistakes, the internal punishment of the Angel Federation also became a fart, if the cloud dreams fire dance really refused to hand over, it fell into the last of Wang Yu's words. It is also the most serious language trap to confirm that Biluo Cherry Blossom and Ghost Nine are directed by the top level of the Angel Federation to provoke the Heavenly Palace Guild and want to declare war on the Heavenly Palace Guild! All of a sudden, Yunmeng Huowu's face was uncertain, and he was caught in a dilemma. Handover, with the prestige of the Angel Federation as the largest gang in Castelos City, was forced to hand over the gang fighters by a newly emerging small gang. Once this matter spread, not only the reputation of the Angel Federation was ruined, but also the internal players would lose their confidence and sense of belonging to the gang; If not, there will be a war with the Heavenly Palace Guild. Is it worthwhile to fight with the Heavenly Palace just for two low-level players? The Heavenly Palace Guild is a newly established last-class guild, but its predecessor is the Tianxiang Guild and the Media Gang, as well as the first master of the Angel Clan and the martial arts master. I'm afraid it's not so easy to fix, is it? Is there anyone who dares to despise this new Heavenly Palace Guild with the warning of the largest gang in Hot Spring City? What's more, in the event of a war, it is said that tomorrow the Federation will indeed stir up rumors against the Heavenly Palace behind its back. As the first gang in the city of Castros, it will have a hard time with a newly founded last-class gang. At that time, public opinion and people's hearts will be biased towards the Heavenly Palace Guild. Regardless of the outcome of the war between the two guilds, first of all, the Angel Federation will ruin its reputation. Anxious and angry in the heart, cloud dream fire dance a white face can not help but rise red,jacuzzi swim spa, almost depressed a mouthful of blood spurted out. Awesome! Awesome! Unexpectedly, the martial arts masters not only ranked first among the angels in terms of strength, but also were so sharp that they took the initiative in a few words. The people of Yunmeng Fire Dance and Angel Federation are no match for him!.