Lin Jing almost blurted out, I don't miss you crazily, I envy Li Moyuan crazily. Because although the dragon's blood tree is also very fierce, but it can not be transferred from Jincheng to Quanshui Village in a second, and then put her boyfriend on the wall to kiss. The first experience of long-distance relationship is not good. Teacher Kobayashi thinks it is not good, not OK, not OK. Then mercilessly command: "Ji Xingling you did not sleep, still get up to read a book again." Your brother Xing: "… …" Spring in the mountains is very cold, this night, the cool school bully covered with not cool country big flower quilt, accompanied by English listening in the headphones, slept together. The next morning, all four of them got up on time and prepared to go deep into the mountains with the members of the scientific research team. Quiet in the courtyard, Yang Xiaobai asked: "Is everyone still not awake?" "We weren't supposed to meet at eight." Huang Xu glanced at the time of his mobile phone. "It's 8:15." Xing Luo stood at the door of the dormitory and listened for a while. There was no sound in the room, and no one answered. Huang Xu said, "You haven't left already, have you?" Ji Xingling called Xiao Song and asked him about today's arrangements. Arrangement? Didn't I give it to you yesterday? Xiao Song was carrying two live chickens he had just bought from his hometown. "Breakfast is in the kitchen, where there is a new microwave oven. Can you use it?"? I'll be right back. Ji Xingling took over the schedule from Huang Xu: "It says gather at eight o'clock to systematically understand the landslide disaster." "Yes, the information seems to be in the conference room. If you don't understand anything,mirror stainless steel sheet, circle it out and wait for Lao Zheng to come back in the evening to ask." Ji Xingling opened the speakerphone, and other people in the yard could hear it clearly. Yang Xiaobai pushed Xing Luo with his elbow: "After a long time, we didn't have to go out today. The climbing shoes were changed for nothing, and the energy bars were not needed." There are several piles of printing paper in the conference room, all of which are papers related to landslide disasters. Each of the four people took out a few pages and consciously launched a "systematic understanding". Ji Xingling leaned against the window, the more he looked at it, the more confused he was. What kind of book is this? I think my geography is OK. Why can't I understand a word. And other people are how to return a responsibility,304 stainless steel wire, unexpectedly all look at a face seriously, Huang Xu also calculate, is it difficult to even senior one freshmen are more stable than me? No, I can't stand up and change the information. Your brother Xing can't afford to lose this man! At the same time, Xing Luo and Yang Xiaobai are also in the heart crazy bullet screen Tucao, this chapter is not finished, click on the next page to continue reading. AD4 What is this? What is this? Why don't the two seniors speak? Is the gap between senior one and senior two really so huge? Finally, Yang Xiaobai could not help but open his mouth first: "Senior, what are GEO5 software and Bishop Law?" Huang Xu raised his head calmly: "I don't know." Yang Xiaobai cast his eyes on another senior. Ji Xingling and he looked at each other silently. The scene is rather awkward. The knowledge involved in the information is far beyond the understanding ability of high school students. They can't understand it even if they search on the Internet. Four people spent a whole day reading less than two books. They sorted out a thick stack of notes and wanted to wait for the team members of the research group to come back and ask questions in the evening. As a result, it was almost midnight. Professor Zhang still did not show up, only the captain Lao Zheng with more than a dozen team members, clamoring to eat, one by one looked tired and hungry, 304 Stainless Steel Pipe ,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, it is not suitable for high school students to answer questions. Lin Jing said on the phone, "Why don't you go to bed first and talk about it tomorrow? What about the other three?" "I didn't leave the dormitory." Ji Xingling closed the window, "I have a little regret to come to this project, no one paid attention to us, Xiao Song does not count ah, he belongs to the hard build, but also built a very bad place." Lin Jing listens to him to say so, also feel this is what broken project, why to sound so water. But I still comfort and encourage my boyfriend verbally. As the saying goes, I have gone. Ten days is very short, and I will soon be able to stick to it. The next day is the same, Ji Xingling asked Xiao Song, Xiao Song also can not answer why, he is responsible for taking care of people, know nothing about scientific research projects. On the third day, the four men, with experience, got up before six o'clock and offered to help before the main group set out.
Lao Zheng finally did not leave them in the conference room to read the paper this time, and took them into the mountain with him, but the whole process, in addition to carrying bags and doing odd jobs, was to stand by and watch. The team members were very busy, coming and going in the water and mud, so the high school students were embarrassed to ask again, "We don't understand, I hope someone can explain it.". Huang Xu, with a thin body and a large bundle of equipment on his shoulders, stood there precariously. Ji Xingling could not bear to look at it and took the initiative to stretch out his hand: "Give me half." "No." The other side refused coldly, and he gritted his teeth to chase the army. Ji Xingling is confused. What's wrong with this person? He was not good two days ago. Now he frowns coldly. One day later, Xing Luo and Yang Xiaobai also noticed Huang Xu's indifference to Ji Xingling, and it was not easy to ask. They only thought in their hearts, "What's the matter?" They ran around with the scientific research group and had a backache. They couldn't learn much knowledge. The atmosphere was so strange, awkward and cold that they were suffering. Neither of them wanted to cause trouble, so they had to be more and more peaceful. The landform of Quanshui Village is complex, and it is located in the earthquake zone, which is not as easy to climb as the mountains in the scenic area. The members of the scientific research team are used to it, but the high school students are not used to it. In order to take care of their physical strength, Lao Zheng had to arrange several more breaks, but the progress was slowed down a lot. Huang Xu's face was more gloomy with the naked eye, especially when facing Ji Xingling, as if he had taken the wrong medicine. The eldest young master was targeted inexplicably. He recalled the teacher Xiao Lin in the second year of high school. He was so cute that he took a look at the new first place in liberal arts in the second year of high school. Damn it, where did this come from. Returning to the dormitory in the early morning,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, Ji Xingling lay on the bed and made a midnight phone call feebly: "I haven't taken a bath yet." Lin Jing put down his toothbrush. "So you carried a big bag all day?" "Yes, the rest of us talk about Quaternary eluvial silty clay and Neogene Quaternary silty clay. We can't understand it at all, let alone join it. We have to do manual work." Ji Xingling is moving his muscles and bones. "That's all. It's mainly Huang Xu. He seems to have a real brain problem." 。