The official, named Bouguer, is the deputy director of the presidential residence office. He is responsible for handling a lot of routine work, so even in such a wonderful dance, his mobile phone will remain open, but when he hears the distinctive vibration pattern of the mobile phone in the formal pocket, he knows who is calling, so his expression is solemn. You should have heard about the early morning. A woman's calm voice came from the other end of the phone. Yes, ma'am. Bug lowered his voice, smiled and motioned to the passing office staff. I don't want it to happen again, because I don't want my son to survive and end up being the target of hatred by the entire federal military. The woman's voice on the other end of the phone was calm and irresistible. No one thought that those officers would choose this way. After a moment's silence, Bug said, "I'm afraid that as the investigation progresses,interactive kiosk price, more people will choose to commit suicide or.." Suicide. "The investigation must be carried out to the end, and I need the real murderers to pay for such a shameless assassination.." I don't want to judge the work of the government, but I just want to say that there are enough clues to grasp this incident. Please don't just focus on the officers of the Second Military Region. As a federal citizen and a mother of victims, I feel a little hard to accept this practice. Bug hung up the phone and was lost in thought. He knew what his wife meant by the call. In that case, he had to tell the government what to do himself. According to the information reported by the investigation team,outdoor digital signage displays, it seems that the direction of the investigation is really going to touch on those aspects that make the government uneasy. He is a government official, but he is a business official, and no one knows that he is actually an official trained by his family. Also late that night, Tai Zhiyuan also received a phone call from his mother, knowing that the federal government's investigation of the crime had successfully approached the core area after shifting its direction. Hearing the name of the senior official, he was as calm as he was, and could not help but be stunned for a moment. Was startled by the phone, woke up from a nightmare, Tai Zhiyuan can no longer sleep, smart whiteboard price ,Interactive digital signage, he put on pajamas, next to the orange lamp, sitting on the sofa for a long time silent, some miss those nights before the oil cake porridge. The soonest we can do is wait until dawn to confirm whether Xu Le is alive and WWw. XiAosHuotxt. COM from the chip signal through the omnipotent central computer of the Charter Bureau. Chapter 65 The Death of the Minister of Defense Under the sky of the Federation, there can be no dark curtain that will never be exposed, and there can be no plan that is perfect enough to find no clues and leave no traces. Once the dark curtain is uncovered and the initiator is exposed, it is bound to usher in a fierce blow from the other side. So in the long period of the last ten constitutional years, the political struggle of the Federation has long been far away from such invisible means as assassination, and no force dares to assassinate the president, and all forces can always maintain peace, at least on the surface. Therefore, on the first day of the New Year in the sixty-seventh year of the constitutional calendar, the Linhai Stadium incident, which took place far away from the capital, alarmed all the important people in the capital who knew about it. This has deviated from the rules of the game and is a means that is not accepted by the whole class. At this moment, all forces have implicitly expressed their support for the family, or at least remained neutral and silent. The federal government's investigation made important progress in that early morning. Although the suicide deaths of seven officers in the Second Military Region put another strain on the work of the FBI, the staff only changed direction and continued to investigate. The identities of the militants who attacked the VIP area of the stadium have been identified, and those who were all killed were soldiers of the special company of the coastal garrison. However, who issued the direct order to send troops, who can let those loyal to the Union soldiers into a shameful tool of assassination, has not yet been found. But careful FBI officials dug up another valuable clue from the newly built concrete wall in the underground parking lot of the stadium.
The engineering brigade under the Northern Hemisphere Command of the First Military Region received this task on the eve of the incident, and although the person who issued this order had carefully erased the information fragments representing identity in the telegram, it was a two-layer information brand dedicated to the military system. But was ignored by the man who gave the order. An FBI agent, keenly aware of this, found a few letters of identification in the core sentence layer of the order document. The agent has a nickname within the Bureau, called Hairy Ball, because all the year round. He likes to wear a synthetic sweater. The FBI went down through the second layer of information and targeted a male secretary in the Defense Department building. In the early morning of January 3, the 67th constitutional calendar, the building of the Ministry of National Defense remained as solemn and solemn as ever. And emptiness. The bright marble floor of the building hall was painted with the federal military seal pattern in gold powder. The silent and relaxed male and female officers walked on this pattern. Inside the huge building, it looked like a few horses passing by from time to time on the boundless grassland on the other side of the federal electronic wall. What happened the day before yesterday. The top officers in the Ministry of Defense building already know what happened in the training center next to the building yesterday,digital signage screen, and most people in this building already know. As for the news that seven officers committed suicide after the collective arrest of the officers of the Second Military Region, it is believed that the middle-aged woman in charge of cleaning the building has already known about it. But these men in the Union core. Still keeping a relaxed expression. The corners of the lips are appropriate to smile. Because this huge machine will never collapse on itself because of the loosening or corrosion of a part. The design style of the Ministry of Defense building is mainly cold and severe. There is no glass curtain wall that can absorb solar energy on the outer wall. Instead, he chose natural stone with gray and black tones. The whole building is square. And the height of seventeen stories. Rectify this square architectural style. It looks a little stiff. It's like a box.