It is the strange man between heaven and earth who is in action! Whether it is the founding of the Holy Court, or the establishment of the Immortal Court, or the appearance of the Tianshen Academy, several strange people have contributed! They are extremely powerful, although only a few people, but the power is unfathomable! It can be said that they are the common guest elders of Xianyuan, Shengyuan and Tianshen Academy. The reason why the three courtyards are going to be integrated and rumored to be unified is that they are contributing! However, these people are usually like idle clouds and wild cranes, wandering around the world, appearing and disappearing, and can not be seen. This time, there was a big disaster in this world, and they quickly returned. After careful discussion of countermeasures, they decided to train the younger generation and go to the frontier battlefield after deployment. Therefore, on this day, the most famous wizards in nine days and ten places have heard the call! In fact, most of these so-called wizards are disciples of the Immortal Academy, the Holy Academy, and the Tianshen Academy, because they were the strongest group of young people selected earlier. This time, the scope has been slightly expanded! "The integration of the three courtyards has really taken place!" Someone sighed. On this day, many young people were recruited and left! In the next few days, young people from all over the country moved, and after consulting with their elders, they felt that even if they would not go to the frontier wasteland,radio shuttle racking, they would go to the gathering place of geniuses. In nine days and ten places, geniuses act one after another and gather together. Even if you don't go to the frontier wasteland, it doesn't matter. I will do my best to guide you. When the time is ripe, those who are willing to go can go on the road, and those who are unwilling to take risks can be in the Hui nationality! This is the promise of an old monster. This is a piece of soil, the terrain is magnificent, purple smoke curls, that is the spirit of the underground ancestral vein. Shi Hao also came, saw this piece of terrain,metal racking systems, the heart has the feeling, as expected is a dust-laden immortal earth! There is a great creation underground, which is left by the immortals, but it has not been excavated. It only nourishes the young monks who come here with the help of the essence here. This place is in Wuliangtian, but it is not Tianshen Academy, nor is it the several immortal caves excavated earlier by Shengyuan and Xianyuan. Time is pressing. I don't have time to dig and decorate the caves left by the ancient immortals, but here can satisfy everything! "This place is a section of the ancestral vein of the earth left by the ancient immortals. Although it has been maimed, only a small section is left, but the overflowing mist of immortals is enough for you to practice!" On the cliff filled with purple mist, several old men sat cross-legged and explained the situation to the crowd. Earlier said that the three courtyards in one, will choose the immortal king cave mansion, but now where there is time to decorate, a group of strongmen have gone to the frontier to fight. Several strange people are not prepared to build on a large scale, but directly find and uncover the seal of a section of immortal ancestral vein, so as to evolve the supreme cultivation center and cultivate young people. May you have a year's buffer time to go to the frontier wasteland! An old man sits in chaos, where he tells an important time node. In the next year, I will teach you about the advantages and disadvantages of foreign enemies, automated warehouse systems ,push back racking system, and I will also teach you scriptures, dispel doubts and do my best! In this year, these young wizards from Jiutian will study and practice here, whether you want to go to the frontier or not, you can practice here. Know the details of the enemy, tell about the actual combat experience of the ancient adherents, these are what you should know! "Some people have fought bloody battles all the way, from a small soldier in the world to a generation of taboo beings who look down on foreign countries. I believe that some of you can do it!" "The magical powers in the book are ultimately shallow, requiring the baptism of life and death, which is the fastest shortcut to transformation. I hope that the most powerful creatures in this era will be born among you!" …… Several elders said a lot to boost morale. Had it not been for the rush of time, how could the war have come so quickly? They hope that someone can create a miracle and go against the sky in blood and fire.
Here, Shi Hao saw a lot of acquaintances, Qingyi, witches and so on, needless to say, as well as many Tianzong characters in Xianyuan and Shengyuan, such as Xiaotianwang, Jiuyou, Daxutuo and so on! In addition, he also saw a group of people in the holy courtyard, among which Wang Xi accompanied a figure that did not want to attract attention, that person was wrapped in fairy fog, such as the emperor in the dust! No need to ask, that is Jin Zhan, known as a generation of Tianjiao man! What he walks is the way of the law of this world, but he has a strong immortal spirit to cover his body, which is really amazing. In addition to them, there are several peerless wizards who are not born in the immortal courtyard and the holy courtyard, and they have also come, and there are even more descendants of the long-lived family! This time, the stars are really shining, and all the geniuses have come. This is a big gathering of young talents in nine days and ten places. Shi Hao, I heard that you killed all the ten kings in the frontier of the Great Red Sky. It's so exciting. Wahaha, you deserve to be my brother! Taiyin Jade Rabbit jumped up and patted Shi Hao on the shoulder, deliberately making a heroic look. In fact, she seemed to never grow up. She was thirteen or fourteen years old, with shining silver hair and big eyes like rubies. She looked like a pink underage girl. Shi Hao, are you all right? Qingyi came with soft eyes and asked in a low voice, very concerned. The Great Red Sky Frontier War caused a great shock among the younger generation. After all, Ziri Tianjun died, Lv Hong died, that is known as the existence of the young supreme! Wilderness, pushing the opponent in the border wasteland, winning ten games in a row, it is impossible not to arouse people's attention! At this time, all the young people came, including the Little Heavenly King of Xianyuan and others, as well as Wang Xi and the generation of Tianjiao Jinzhan who accompanied her. Shi Hao smiled and said, "I'll treat you to an exotic meal later. It's all royal blood. It's the rarest delicacy in the world. At least I've never eaten it before!" "Wahaha, well, I like vegetarianism best. I haven't eaten exotic carrots and Chinese cabbage yet. Have a good taste this time!" The little rabbit has a thick skin and doesn't blush at all. However, when acquaintances get together, there is not much communication, and this warmth is interrupted. Because,Automated warehouse systems, on the cliff several elders are opening their mouths, telling about some royal families in the foreign land, as well as the more terrible supreme race!.