Patro had no intention of dealing with the reporters. He waved his hand and avoided talking. As he watched through the dense "flies", he found that Seth was missing and Vincent was smiling at him. He also smiled back at Vincent. He soon learned the trick. They didn't have to do it. His assistant told him about Seth's flight reservation last night. "You're on the same plane as him," Patro told an aide. "But don't get too close to him. Pay attention to what he finds.". I'll catch a later flight and meet you there. Since. That Seth? Waller will be there. Then he must have similar thoughts to mine. Why not let him investigate? He may get more useful clues. wWw. xiAoshUotxt.cOmxiaoshuotxt。 com Chapter 14 Fima's Sky In 1513, the Spaniard Ryan? Burns ? De ? Leon In search of the Fountain of Youth, he came to this virgin land, which he named "Florida," meaning "where flowers bloom.". Now, Seth? Waller came to set foot on this land for the second time. In contrast to the happy mood he had felt when he came to Lois's house a few years ago, he now had a terrible doubt, and he had to prove it. On the afternoon of the 12th, Seth walked out of the coach station at Canaveral. Despite the hot weather, there are still countless tourists coming here. Most of them come to visit the National Air and Space Tourism Center in Cape Canaveral, but Seth has no interest in the "space shuttle" or the dazzling display of five-kilometer-long spaceships. He found a mid-range hotel to stay and had a quick meal. It was already seven o'clock in the evening. Considering that it was very impolite to visit a woman who had never met before at this time, Seth held back his eagerness. He took a bath and went to bed early. He was in a quiet position in bed,uns s31803 sheet, but he couldn't sleep, not because he had dozed off on the plane. He was rather tired and physically exhausted, and his brain was still clear and unaffected by the successive chaotic events, but he just couldn't sleep. The room across the street had been booked, and Detective Patro and his assistant had to find a room farther away. What was he doing at the Kennedy Space Center? "I don't know." The detective tore the sausage open. "This is the hometown of William and Al." Patro then called his local counterpart to explain the purpose of his trip,316 stainless steel plate, who said he could help if necessary, but the detective was not very hopeful about it. When he was in Boston, he made a few phone calls, but nothing came of it. Now that Seth is here, he's definitely not going to get his information the way I did, and whoever he's meeting with could be a boost to the investigation. Patro no longer regarded Seth as the murderer in his heart, but the identity of the real murderer was not clear. He was only sure that whoever the guy was, he was cunning enough. At nine o'clock, Seth sat up in bed. He dialed an outside line. Fima's voice sounded elderly, and Seth sketched out the image of an elderly woman who spoke with a strange accent that he could not recognize as her birthplace. Somehow, x56 line pipe ,x60 line pipe, Seth thought of the Gypsy Witch. Out of caution, Seth did not reveal the purpose of his visit on the phone. The other party's language was more concise. She said that she would welcome him to her home any time after eight o'clock tomorrow morning. Fima did not repeat her address, and Seth, with Vincent's detailed address in his hand, did not ask much. The woman trusted Vincent's ability to get things done. Seth put down the phone and went back to bed. At eight o'clock on the morning of the thirteenth day of Lois's disappearance, Seth knocked on Fima's door on time. The Chrysanthemum Apartment is a red-brick, gray-roofed building with a somewhat depressing exterior, somewhere between a medical facility and an old hotel. When Seth stepped through the door along the red carpet, he was greeted by some cheap antique imitations and a few potted green ornamental plants that lacked care.
In the hall, the old man staring at a pair of empty eyes under the gray felt hat made him understand that this was an old man's apartment. Seth's sympathy was piqued by an elderly woman hobbling out of the elevator on a Walker. He asked her if she needed help, but she declined. The deadness of the building, including its graveyard-like name and slow-reacting elevators, made Seth feel depressed, and he remembered yesterday's funeral. In addition, the understanding of Mrs. Fima's identity is also a bit confused. Vincent told him seriously yesterday that Phil was a contact of the underworld. Mrs. Fima's appearance was also very different from what she had imagined. She was a withered old lady, with thin hair curled into tight curls, and her complexion was like yellowing old parchment. But Mrs. Fima was pleasing to the eye compared to the ones in the corridor with their faces covered with Rouge and their flowery ladies' shirts. She was wearing a Chinese-style double-breasted jacket, as if she had been specially prepared for Seth. "You must be Mr. Woller," Mrs. Fima began, showing off her unusual pronunciation. "Vincent told me about you. Please come in.". What would you like to drink, tea, coffee, whisky or Chinese liquor? I'm not a reservoir, but I have a taste of everything. She let Seth into the living room, where he was surprised to find that the arrangement was no less than the effect of the opera Topps, occupying almost every inch of available space: hardwood round tables, carved wardrobes, sofas, mahogany chairs, crowded bookshelves and cabinets with a large number of bone China bottles and wine glasses. Seth glanced quickly around the drab canvas hanging on his desk, then sat down on the sofa and asked for a cup of herbal tea. "Oh, my dear young man,a333 grade 6 pipe, your taste is strange enough." Mrs. Fima smiled and brought her own cheese biscuits, and then poured herself a glass of wine. "If you prefer a vegetarian one, then I'll bring you vanilla biscuits." 。