Cui Long poked Li Rui's forehead in a funny way. "You really don't know how lucky you are. The fourth brother loves people so much, but you still have so many complaints." "That's what it is." Li Rui pouted, the words were said to Cui Long, but her eyes had been staring at Ji Cheng. Ji Cheng naturally saw Li Rui's intention to show off, Cui Long also knew Li Rui's little mind, her heart is also some puzzled Li Rui, why catch people's painful feet. Cui Long smiled at Ji Cheng sheepishly, and Ji Cheng smiled back. Li Rui's fist hit the cotton, but also lost interest, turned around and asked for a room here in Cui Long and went askew. In this way, only Ji Cheng did his best to help Cui Long take care of the family affairs. In fact, it was not a big deal, but it was too trivial. If a little place was not taken into account, it would be easy to be criticized, saying that the Shen family was proud of their achievements and neglected the guests. Ji Cheng went back and forth between the second room and the big room every day. No matter how busy he was, he did not forget to avoid Shen Che and go to the top courtyard to look at the account book. The abridgement had already been written in three small books, which were left on the small table in the top courtyard, and Shen Che must have seen it. Ji Cheng could not tell what his heart was like, knowing that Shen Che could not have any response, she should not have expectations, but still could not help but have three expectations. It's really ridiculous. After the first month of the lunar year, on February 2, the day the dragon raised its head,inflatable floating water park, Shen Yu's team finally arrived in the suburbs of Beijing. The newly appointed Zhongshu Ling Ge Song personally went to the suburbs to greet him, and then led Shen Yu's team into the city. On this day, the capital was full of drums and music, and everyone was overjoyed. At dawn, the people surrounded the imperial street. Ji Cheng did not go, but from the words of Yu Qian'er who sneaked out to see the excitement, he could also imagine that kind of excitement, as well as the air and prestige of Shen Yu,Inflatable mechanical bull, who was sitting on horseback and worshipped by everyone at that time. Shen Yu and others first offered prisoners at the Meridian Gate, then went to the palace to receive a banquet, and did not return to Shen Fu until late at night. The old lady didn't sleep that night either. She had been waiting for Shen Yu and Shen Jing to come back. She heard the boy outside the door running in and reporting that the team of the eldest son and the third son had arrived at the corner of the street. Huang Shi was busy holding the old lady's hand and led a group of daughters-in-law out of the gate to meet them in the street. Chapter 205 respect as ice (3). Although it is already February, but this winter is particularly cold, into the spring is still flying snow, dinner time has not been snowing, now is already flying catkins all over the sky. Ji Cheng is also a big makeup, standing behind Cui Long, listening to the sound of hooves gradually approaching. Cold and hard as iron, tall and mighty Shen Yu jumped off the horse at the moment he saw the old lady, and quickly stepped over to hold the old lady, "Grandson is not filial, let the ancestors wait for a long time." With tears in her eyes, the old lady said, "It's good to come back. It's good to come back. The whole family is safe. That's the greatest filial piety." Shen Zheng, who was following Shen Yu, Inflatable dry slide ,inflatable water slide, also came up and held the old lady's other hand. "Ancestor, do you remember your grandson?" Why don't you remember? You monkey, you are willing to come back. Your mother missed you so much that she shed a lot of tears. The old lady reached out and patted Shen Zheng's arm heavily. Shen Zheng Wen Yan turned to look at Huang Shi, the powder on Huang Shi's face was washed away by tears. The scene was very touching, but there was nothing to do with Ji Cheng. She wore a Zhaojun pocket on her head and hung her eyelids slightly. After standing in the wind and snow for a while, she followed the crowd into the gate. Although Li Rui was only pregnant for four months, her belly was a little bit obvious, but her style was almost the same as that of a full-term pregnant woman. Holding her belly in her hands and straightening her waist, she stood in the wind and snow for a long time, and saw that everyone's attention was only on the second room. She felt bored and shouted in a low voice, "Ouch." Ji Lan was the first to hear that Li Rui had her precious golden grandson in her stomach, so she hurriedly asked, "What's wrong?" Li Rui frowned and pulled out a smile: "It's all right." The old lady had already turned her head. "She must have been standing for a long time. It's cold and she's still pregnant. Ah Jing quickly helped your wife back to rest." Shen Jing stood and did not want to move, his eldest brother, third brother came back, have not seen for several years, this has not said a few words, he looked at Li Rui with some impatience, the heart only felt irritable.
Usually she took the baby in her belly as a demon, he was too lazy to haggle with her, more than one thing is better than less, so let her, but did not expect today such a time, she still blindly take Joe. When Li Rui saw that Shen Jing was not moving, she felt a sense of grievance in her heart. "My husband," she called softly. There was a lump in his voice. Shen Jing had to look at Shen Yu and Shen Zheng apologetically, "eldest brother, third brother, I will come to you for a drink tomorrow." "Go quickly, the smelly boy is born in the blessing does not know the blessing." Shen Zheng gently kicked Shen Jing one foot, this has a son, but in his heart that person still does not know where. In fact, when Shen Zheng looked at Li Rui, he had already seen Ji Cheng, but he didn't recognize him. Ji Cheng today is wearing a white fox hair out of the front of the red rich peony brocade satin cloak, wearing a white fox hair Zhaojun pocket, a small face hidden under the long white fox hair, sideways simply can not see the face. Looking at her dress, Shen Zheng had guessed that it should be the new second young lady married by his second brother more than half a year ago. At that time, he was nervous about war preparations and did not dare to leave his post without permission, so he and his eldest brother could not return to Beijing to watch the ceremony, which was a pity. Shen Zheng felt a little guilty about the second sister-in-law he had never met, but later, when something happened on the prairie, he greatly disliked her. Shen Zheng has long wanted to meet this second sister-in-law, but she still has the face to stay in the Shen family. Had he not known her nature, he would have been deceived by her appearance. Look is quiet and elegant, graceful figure, although can not see the real face, but must be a rare beauty. It's not a rare beauty. A picky person like his second brother can't hit the eye. It's just that the beauty's conduct is so bad that it's too light to say that she's skittish. Shen Zheng secretly wondered that he thought his second brother had come back early to divorce his wife,Inflatable water obstacle course, but he didn't look like a flowery man. Shen Zheng was so angry that he asked the old lady, "Ancestor, why don't you see your second brother today?" 。