Bathrooms need to have faucets for a decent

functioning. There are lots of kinds of faucets available in many styles, colors, shapes. All the faucets

can be grouped in four categories as per their working mechanisms. They can be grouped in following

categories: Cartridge, Compression, Ball and Disc.

These are in fact parts of faucets that control the water flow from them. Three of these faucets are

mixing faucets while the fourth is not. The compression faucet as the

kitchen faucet has two controls: Hot and


Compression bathroom faucets have

washers or seals that close against a valve seat to restrict water flow through the faucet body. This

control is turned off when you turn the handle off. The other three types don't use washers for the

off-and-on action, though they do have O-rings and neoprene seals to prevent leaking. They're

referred to as "washerless." Because washers and seals wear out with use-resulting in the

familiar drip, drip-washerless faucets are generally favored.

The fasces you purchase must be synchronized with the architecture of your bathroom. Some faucets

will remind you of old fashioned pumps while others will be quite modern. The two handled faucets are

more stylish then single handle ones.

Single-handle faucets are more practical then two handled ones. When you buy faucet, keep in mind the

spout's height and reach also. You need to choose the sink and this choice will affect your other

purchases. The spout should be long enough to reach into a sink's multiple basins and high enough to

provide ample working room. Buy high arch or gooseneck spouts if you have large pots and shallower sinks.

They will not suit a compact kitchen setting. Pullout sprayhead spouts have grown to be quite popular,

but look for a retractable double-interlock hose that won't kink.

Just like the faucets, the shower

has the similar functions. And they are all essential parts for

shower system or

shower set. Are you looking for ways

to improve your shower experience by upgrading the shower head? There are a lot of attractive options out

there. Here, you'll learn about the different types of shower heads. Most of the products discussed

here can be installed easily and can dramatically change the quality of your shower as long as you pick

the one that suits you best.

Before we get started, let's start with the basics, the shower head is the piece that the water

comes out of when you turn on the shower. Shower faucets are the shower head plus the valve that controls

the flow of water and its temperature.

Depending on the proportions of your shower or bath and your ceiling height, your options will vary.

Overhead mounting is generally preferable for the true rainshower experience. If an overhead mount is not

available due to a low ceiling, you can still get the rainshower experience as long as you are not too

tall to stand comfortably under a wall-mounted shower head.

Single function and multi-function rain shower heads are available. Single function models may be

best with an overhead mount if the fixture is water pressure,,, beyond your reach. A multi-function rain

shower head will usually include both a top rain shower head element along with a hand-held faucet. That

way you get the best of both worlds! However, do keep in mind that the water pressure will diminish a bit

with a larger shower head and multiple nozzles. If water pressure is something you need for a good shower

experience be sure to discuss this with your remodeler about options for pressurizing your water system.

If your dream is to have a multiple shower head/nozzle shower, make sure to run multiple water lines to

the bathroom so that each can function properly. There are many different types of shower head like

filtered shower head,

overhead shower,

multi function shower

, rain shower head,