According to Gangzi, he has three offices in this building. Apart from the general office on the 19th floor, he has one on the 10th floor and one on the 16th floor. It's not like he wants to hide his concubine in a golden house. Why does he need so many offices. Besides, there must be at least three secretaries and three assistants in the three offices, each of whom is responsible for one item, but sometimes when things get too busy, they get busy with hhún, which is not a set of Lu luàn. Wang Ni seemed to see what Xu Linyuan was thinking and said, "Chairman, your mining company has now formed a collectivization model and is developing, while the industrial manufacturing company is a parallel unit that stands side by side with the mining group. Therefore, when it comes to providing you with secretaries and assistants, it is natural to distinguish between them. You can't just talk about them." Xu Linyuan glanced at Wang Ni and said, "It's been such a long time. Why hasn't there been any movement?" Wang Ni said frankly: "The duties of the chairman's secretary, such as office internal affairs, guest reception, conference services, and all the matters you are waiting for, are more complicated, while the assistant's work rights are greater. It is very important to participate in the company's strategic deployment, access to internal information and documents,silk ficus tree, and customize the management system. Such a person." So far, there has been no suitable one, so it has been empty. Xu Linyuan thought about it, indeed, the position of assistant chairman is very important, must be trustworthy, loyal enough,silk cherry blossom tree, but also have the ability to do. As for the secretary, do some miscellaneous things, the man is just, if it is nv, meet a good s sè boss, but also worried about doing the work, but also by the boss, so this secretary's work is not easy to do, but in today's society, want to do the chairman or general manager secretary of the United States nv to go more, more or less also have some thoughts. But for Xu Linyuan, whether there is a secretary or not, he did not want to mention it again, so he talked with Wang Ni about the operation and sales strategy of the engine, and gave her some data about the engine experiment to familiarize her with it. Next week's press conference and exhibition, faux ficus tree ,large ficus tree, she will preside over the meeting with Cheng Zhengshen. And to the industry and the news media to demonstrate and explain the engine's various X xìng functions and parameters. Wang Ni also made some good suggestions, and then Lin Yachen elaborated on a plan they made, and they also talked about some proposals and ideas for the deployment of the press conference next Monday. After that, it was time to get off work. Xu Linyuan believed in Wang Ni's ability to work, and did not say much, so they broke up. After Xu Linyuan got off work, he went out of the office. When he came to the elevator and got off the elevator, he went to the sixth floor and saw a lot of people around the entrance of the sixth floor. Gangzi was standing there strangely. Next to him was a young man who was nearly thirty years old, wearing high-count glasses, and looked stable and mature. He was talking to a young man with a low head and a sense of shame.
Curious, Xu Linyuan walked over and saw that the man was Huang Zhiguo, the director of the network department. He was teaching the young man a lesson: "You are a top graduate of Qinghua Computer Department. The company hired you to be the leader of the website group with a high salary. You built a website for less than a day, but it was attacked by hackers, which paralyzed the company's network. I don't believe that the company's website has only been built and opened for one day." It's so easy to be targeted by hackers. You should know what I'm talking about. So I'll give you another chance. Today, the staff of the network business department will work overtime with you. Try to get the website visited normally tomorrow and the company's network back to normal. So please don't bring some of your personal interests to the company's working environment in the future. If this happens again next time, Make your own resignation report. The young man did not explain. He lowered his head and said, "The director can rest assured that I will restore the company's website to normal tonight. If the website is still inaccessible tomorrow, I know what to do." Huang Zhiguo said: "Well, tonight's dinner I invite you, please work hard to solve this problem smoothly, this month's assessment, I will explain to the administrative department." After the staff of the network department dispersed, Gangzi turned around and saw Xu Linyuan standing aside. He came over and said, "I don't know much about computers. Xiao Lin, don't you often play with computers? I can't figure it out. Today, the server in the company's computer room has just been debugged, and the website server has just been set up and connected to the Internet. How can it be hacked by hackers all of a sudden? What does the hacker do? He is not in front of me." Can bring down our network? Xu Linyuan also felt that this matter was a bit strange, so after calling the evil up, he went to the server room and said to the evil: "You scan several groups of servers in this room to see if there is anything unusual." He walked up to a machine, stretched out his finger, touched a USB port, and then quickly flashed a stream of data in his eyes. About a few seconds later, Evil Lai withdrew his hand and said: "Boss, at present, these groups of servers have been implanted with abnormal codes, and there is also a group of hidden latent programs in the hardware chip, which will automatically upload the documents in the server by using the leak dòng of the system program update, with the intention of stealing the company's confidential documents.." Chapter two hundred and ten of the main text. Updated: May 20, 2012 10:52:22 Words in this chapter: 5310 Chapter two hundred and ten anti-triad action third watch The server of company engine room just debugged good, the website also is just erect and undertook updating, just one day less kung fu, be attacked by the hacker, cause network paralysis. And more abominable is, the hacker still implanted virus Trojan to lurk in the hardware of the server, the intention steals the confidential file data of the company. After Xu Linyuan listened to the evil report, he felt that things were very strange. According to what Director Huang said just now,faux ficus tree, it should be that the Qinghua graduate put his usual hobby of hacker technology into the company's working environment when he was working, which caused the company's computer network to be attacked by hackers, infected with viruses and paralyzed. hacartificialtree.com