When the seeds fall all over the sky, in the thunder and lightning, the old tree is silent, its branches are firm, no longer broken, and it stands as a whole. Until the rain fell in torrents, the rain curtain blurred the windows, nothing could be seen, and people were still absent. The train is far away and nothing can be seen. Brother, is the world crazy, or are you and I crazy? What have I seen? How can it conflict with the previous cognition? Zhou Quan said to Chu Feng. He was not the only one who was affected. All the people on the train fell into silence and could not recover for a long time. They have been far away from there, do not know what will happen behind them, always feel that the world is restless, everything is a little different. Many people looked down at the communicator in their hands and checked the news to get a clue from there. However, there is no news about the ancient ginkgo trees. However, many anomalies have been reported in other places. In some places, rare animals that have disappeared for thousands of years have been found, and in some places, ancient wells that have dried up for a hundred years have begun to gush out sweet springs. All kinds of omens are very unusual, as if to reveal something. Is it true or false that there are purple clouds flowing in Wangwu Mountain? Some people are surprised. The report is astonishing, but according to the comments on the communicator, most people don't believe it. After experiencing unusual things, many people on the train are doubtful. Later, it was reported that the water surface of Dongting Lake was shining,brushless gear motor, the thin smoke was hazy, and the white fog was curling, just like a fairyland. This has led to speculation and discussion. With the passage of time, it has passed the rainstorm area and entered another land boundary. The sky is very bright, which is quite different from the dark world. An hour later, there was new news about the tree suspended in space, which was a clear picture taken by satellite and reported at home and abroad. Those trees grow extremely fast and are identified by botanists as belonging to species on Earth that can be found on the ground. How can they be high in the air and grow suspended there? So far, no explanation has been given by the relevant parties. There is no doubt that the train's journey was extremely difficult, and it stopped again in the evening. Moreover,Low Rpm Electric Motor, there is no shop in front of the village, and it is not a normal place to stop in the field. People were dissatisfied and asked the conductor what was going on. We were informed that for some unknown reason, there were various problems on the line, and in some places the tracks were no longer flat, so we probably had to stop completely. People were in an uproar, and then there was some panic. The conductor told us that there was an emergency investigation ahead, and we must ensure enough safety and stability before we can continue to drive. In the evening, Chu Feng talked to his parents, and abnormal signs appeared one after another in various places. He was very worried about them. In fact, his parents are also worried that he will encounter all kinds of problems outside alone. Sure enough, after the train stopped, it did not go, for fear of major safety accidents, hidden dangers can not be ruled out, it is impossible to start. In the carriage, many people are communicating, Gear Reduction Motor ,Parallel Shaft Gearbox, some panic, because all kinds of signs show that everywhere is not peaceful, they are eager to return to the familiar habitat during the journey. The flight attendants and others prepared water and food for the crowd. If you don't delay time and stop halfway, according to the current speed of the train, you will arrive at the terminal in the evening. At night, people were restless, unable to sleep, talking in a low voice. It was not until late at night that the train was gradually quiet. It was dark outside, not even starlight, and it seemed a little cold and terrible. Knock! Suddenly, in the middle of the night, a sharp shock woke up all the people in the carriage. They all opened their eyes and looked around confusedly. What happened to make the heavy train tremble! Is something hitting it? Many people turned pale and looked out of the window uneasily. However, the outside is dark, this is a mountainous area, in this starless night, there is nothing to see, the darkness makes people palpitate, feel the cold. The mountains are overgrown with trees, and occasionally the voices of wild animals and owls come from the mountains, which makes people feel angry. Knock! There was another sharp shock, and the carriage shook, causing some people to scream. What's out there? How much strength does it take to push the train?! There was a lot of noise. Stop shouting! Chu Feng shouted. It's easy to have big problems if you panic first. I know this place is an ancient battlefield, and many people died in that year! A middle-aged woman said in a trembling voice.
"Shut up and stop talking nonsense!" Zhou Fatty roared, but his face was not very good-looking, some white. He used to take this route and knew what this place was. There is no ghost in this world, even if there is, it is only an electromagnetic field, which will soon dissipate, how can it shake the train? Someone else stood up and said to stabilize the mood of the crowd. Later, they found that all the communicators were cut off from the outside world! At this moment, they felt a chill in their hearts and a chill in their hair. This night is doomed to be sleepless, and no one is in the mood to sleep. Many people are frightened and look out of the dark window, looking forward to the early dawn, because they always feel like there is something huge wandering, extremely depressed. Before dawn, the sky was dark, there was a heavy fog outside, and the mountains were completely covered with white. What's going on out there? Asked Zhou Quan. Let's go down and have a look. Chu Feng said. No, don't go! Zhou Quan shook his head forcefully. I think it should be all right. If something had happened, it would have happened. Chu Feng said. Eventually, Chu Feng and Zhou Quan and several young people decided to get off to see what was going on. White fog, standing a few meters away will not see the figure, it is some evil and strange, people are afraid. There was silence and no sound. Oh, my God, that's.. What Suddenly, a young man cried out, terrified, his eyes wide open, staring into the air. This cry of fear not only made the hair of several people around stand on end, but also made the people in the carriage fear to the extreme, and their scalps tingled. Chapter 9 Thriller ? Chapter 9 Thriller Although it was close to dawn, the sky was still dark,Small Geared Motors, especially the rare fog, which covered the mountains and forests, and nothing could be seen. ichgearmotor.com